5 Elegant Summer Outfits that Fit to All Women


There is always a special magic about summer that gets everyone excited and wanting to feel and look their best. With summer quickly closing in, do you have your summer wardrobe worked out? If not, here are five elegant summer outfits that look great on all women.

1. Shorts

Shorts are a summer staple for many reasons. For starters, they are short, leaving most of your legs out to enjoy the summer breeze and get some tanning. They also come in numerous types, cuts, and fabrics, meaning there is a flattering short for all body types and sizes.

If you have to pick one, go for slimming shorts. If you have skimped on your workouts this year and your summer body is not fully there,  these shorts will slim out your silhouette while remaining comfy enough for active summer months.

2. The Little White Dress

Yes, the little white dress is now just as important as the little black dress.

The little white dress adds a crisp freshness against the soaring temperatures. For this ultimate chic summer look, go for a white, short ruffled dress as this adds some life and playfulness to the outfit. A pair of sandals are enough to complete the look.

If you are headed to work, a short heel and a light blazer will do the trick.

3. Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is versatile and flattering to all body shapes. You can also play around with it to create the desired illusion. For example, if you are short and want to look taller, go for a maxi with vertical lines.

The opposite works just as well if you are short. Similarly, go vertical if you want to look slimmer and horizontal if you want to add some girth.

This can be a work look with a blazer and pumps. Casual with sneakers, and you can wear it out to town with a sleek leather jacket.

4. Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit can be fitting or loose-fitting. You can also opt for a strapless one, one with a thin strap and even with elbow-length sleeves. Pair this up with a heel, flat, or wedge depending on the time of day and the activities at hand.

Most offices will allow a jumpsuit with elbow length sleeves or even a sleeveless one paired with a light sweater.

5. Midi-Skirts

Midi skirts are incredibly chic and can be dressed up or down easily. For the office, wear the midi with a silk blouse, formal cotton shirt, or floral chiffon top with a pump or heel. This gives you a complete office look.

For the weekend, a crop top or strapless tank or tee dresses the midi down. This with sneakers, sandals, or a wedge gives you a perfect weekend or evening look.

Mix It Up

With your summer wardrobe, aim for a few versatile, timeless pieces, then dress and accessorize them differently to achieve different looks.


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