5 Essentials For Your First Overnight Hike

If you are planning your first overnight hike, you will need to be sure that you are adequately prepared. When you are planning your gear, you need to be sure that you bring everything you need, without bringing too much. Remember that whatever you bring with you, you will need to carry. It’s important to think about every kilo of equipment you pack to ensure you are comfortable, prepared and have the most fun possible.

As with any hike, the one piece of gear that you will need to get right is your hiking boots. Having a proper pair of boots will help to keep your feet protected, give you more stability on the trail and keep you safe against scratches, stings and snake bites. Whether you will be hiking for a few hours or you are embarking on an arduous multi-day adventure, having the correct footwear is absolutely crucial. Once you have a reliable, sturdy and comfortable pair of boors chosen, it’s time to prepare the rest of your kit.

Let’s take a look at five essential items that you should pack on your first overnight hike.

Waterproof Poncho

If you get caught in the rain when you’re out on the trail, you need to be able to keep yourself and your gear dry. While best bushcraft pants and a jacket can work well, a waterproof poncho allows you to quickly cover yourself and your gear using just one item. A poncho is effective, lightweight, easy to use, and will ensure you are dry when you arrive at your campsite.

A Good Knife

Having a good knife in your pack when you hike is always a good idea. A good knife can be a very useful tool in a variety of different situations. On an overnight hiking trip, you will be preparing and cooking food, setting a campfire and you may need to cut firewood. A knife is a crucial piece of kit and should always be packed for a multi-day hiking adventure.

Reliable Headlamp

Any experienced hiker will tell you to ditch your handheld lamp and invest in a good quality headlamp instead. Having your hands free when you are looking for things in your backpack, setting up camp or venturing out in the middle of the night will make your life a lot easier. Look for a headlamp with high lumens, good battery life, adjustable brightness and that is water-repellent or waterproof.

Quality Tent

Your tent will be your home for the night when you’re out on the trail. To ensure that your makeshift home provides you and your campmates with a dry, warm, and relatively comfortable experience, it’s wise to invest in a decent tent. Choose a lightweight, waterproof tent that is capable of standing up in high winds. A porch can be useful in helping you to store your backpack and any wet gear outside your tent, allowing you to keep the interior dry and clean.

Sleeping Bag

Depending on where you will be camping, you might require a different type of sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are designed with different climates in mind. Having a sleeping bag that will keep you warm but that you won’t overheat in is key to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep and that you wake up fresh and ready to hit the trails in the morning.

Prepare In Advance And Enjoy The Adventure Ahead

Embarking on your very first overnight hiking trip is an exciting moment. To ensure that you and your campmates get the most out of your trip, it’s important to prepare your gear ahead of time. With a solid plan in place and the right equipment, you can be sure that you will have an incredible time hiking through the night and sleeping under the stars.

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