5 Interesting Facts About Raven from DC Comics


There is an abundance of interesting comic book characters who have fascinating backstories. Valiant comic book characters such as Bloodshot, who has recently made his cinematic debut, give us hope that some of our favourites will make it to the big screen soon. COVID does not appear to have tripped up the movie industry too much, with news from Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment that Vin Diesel will return for Bloodshot 2. Dan Mintz has been bullish on the outlook for Valiant’s cinematic universe, which brings a refreshing change to the plethora of money-grabbing movies being pumped out by DC and Marvel (we’re getting a little sick of them, right?).

We’re hoping that the Teen Titans from DC comics and more specifically, Raven, can make a fresh debut into Hollywood. Raven is by far one of the most interesting and well-known female comic book characters. She has a long history in the comics and in the other forms of media she is in. With this long history comes many fun facts about one character. This article will go into just five of the many interesting facts about Raven aka Rachel Roth.

1. She created the Teen Titans

In the comics, she was turned away by the Justice Leauge after asking for help to defeat Trigon. She created the most popular version of the Teen Titans that we see all the time in varios media. The TV shows and movies often leave out Kid Flash and Wonder Girl as main members of the team. The others more well-known characters are Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire. We have seen many different versions of this team in various movies and the most popular, Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans.

2. She is not an only child

For a long while, Raven seemed to be an only child and Trigon’s only tool to destroy the world. She actually has three half brothers. Their names are rather nomral compared to Raven’s; Jacob, Jared, and Jesse. In the comics, they open the portal to Trigon’s realm and then steal his power instead of freeing him. They are quickly beaten by Raven and the rest of the Teen Titans.

3. She has many differnt kinds of powers

First off, she is an empath and her emotions affect her powers. She is also a half-demon so she is much more than an empath. Raven can also manipulate darkness, energy, the future, and even time. She is one of the most powerful Titans, on par with Starfire. She has to fight hard to control her emotions and in turn to control her powers. She often surpresses her abilities.

4. Raven was not very close to her mother

Her mother, Arella, gave Raven to the High Priestess shortly after giving bith to her. She did not take care of her at all for the first 10 years of Raven’s life. Even then, she still did not really take care of Raven. In the comics as soon as Raven turned 10, she left her mother behind to go to Earth to ask for help in defeating Trigon.

5. Beastboy is her main romance

While the comics try to pair her up with other characters including Kid Flash and even Damian Wayne. Despite this, her relaionship with Beast Boy remains to be her most detailed and favored. Even in the Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans, their relationship is very much hinted at. They are a beloved and classic comic couple book couple and it would be nice to see them represented more in ther media.

This was just a short list of interesting facts about DC Comic’s Raven. She is a well-written and facinating character that deserves the attention she gets. Hopefully we will get to see more of her soon! If you want to learn more interesting facts, just like the things you might not know about hamburgers or what is Webtoon, we also have a post for that sort of topic.

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