5 Tips to Buying Custom Drapes For Your Home

The fastest way to spruce up your home is by upgrading some aspects of the interior. Instead of paying for some major renovations, why not switch up your drapes? Buying custom drapes can significantly improve the overall aesthetic of your interior, especially if you are looking for a radical change.

Nothing quite compares to the look and sophistication of classic or custom drapes. They add a soft touch of elegance to any space. More importantly, custom drapes are an extremely affordable way to refine the ambiance of your home. They let you play with different styles, from cozy to contemporary to formal. So, are there any pointers to help you when buying custom drapes?

Before you can start shopping, it is essential to determine the overall theme you want to achieve. This will make your search much easier. However, it’s important to note that most department stores usually carry a very limited range of drapery options.

Your best bet is to hire a specialist to create any custom window treatments including drapes, shutters, blinds, and many more. For example, working with professionals such as The Blind Guyz will give you an opportunity to get unique drapes that match your personality and style.

Consider the tips below when buying custom drapes for your home:

1. Check The Quality

As opposed to their ready-made counterparts, custom drapes are more likely to be of a higher quality. They are made to your specifications, allowing you to have more control over the quality of build. The construction of a custom drape will offer you better structure and stability. This means that, although the initial capital outlay may be high, you get a quality item that will serve your needs for the a long time to come.

2. Consider Window Measurements

Before buying custom drapes, it is necessary for you to know both the length and width of your window. This is because drapes look best when they cover the entire length of your wall and the width of your window. Making your drapes a few sizes bigger than your window is important because it gives them a sense of fullness. Buying drapes that do not entirely cover your window is a clear indication that you did not put much effort into the process.   You can get custom blinds to fit your window just by searching around a bit. Made to measure Venetian blinds can be stunning when you have guests come over and they can fit your window with the right measurements.

3. Installation Process

The action of getting exact measurements for your custom drapes contributes significantly to their successful installation. Once a designer gets the measurements of your window, they will be able to ensure that it is installed to fit perfectly.

This designer should be ready to use their knowledge and expertise to help you pick the best option and help you achieve the interior finish of your choice. They will go beyond custom drapes and offer additional advice on treatments such as blinds or shutters. This skill is needed to guarantee that your final décor looks enticing.

4. Level of Detail

In most cases, a custom drape is made up of a trim, an accent fabric, and a lead fabric. Using the two pieces of fabric is adequate for most people, but the possibilities are dependent on the level of detail you desire. Custom drapes may also incorporate fine details of the room that make it stand out even more. For example, your designer can add a trim that lines up with the baseboard of your room. Suche exquisite details are usually a characteristic of custom drapes.

5. What Look are You Going For?

The overall aesthetic and theme you are going for will considerably influence your decision of custom drapes. This is because drapes affect the lighting, your privacy, how well your home retains or loses energy, and the style scheme.

You do not want to order a custom drape that lets in more light than you require or one that does not match the color scheme of your home. This is why it is so important to work with a designer and ensure that they are adequately informed of your needs.