5 Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage


Hair lovers know the struggle of always having your hair in perfect condition and under any circumstances. If you are at the beginning of your journey towards healthier and better hair, there are 5 quick tips you can consider for your next hair care routines that we thought might come in handy especially under these difficult times we are experiencing now.

We picked these 5 ideas for being super effective and realistic when it comes to seeing an actual result in your hair’s resistance:

1. Hydrate

No matter how often you already heard this advice before, we feel like this tip should be indispensable for any girl that cares for her locks! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. To avoid hair breakage, you should make sure that your entire body gets a good amount of water. To check if your hair is dry, you can make this little experiment first: pull one hair out, wash it and apply conditioner and afterwards, gently pull it in the opposite directions and see if it breaks. If it instantly breaks in two it means it has lost its elasticity and you have two options: cut it short or keep it protected until it strengthens. Especially for those who prefer hairstyles for blond hair, this piece of advice is the Nr. 1 rule they should apply since hair coloring can affect the overall strength of their strands.

2. Use a Satin Lining for Your Pillow or for Your Hats During Winter

When it comes to hair breakage, the first thing that impacts its resistance is the continuous friction during sleep with the pillowcase or with the lining of hats if we are talking about wintertime. So, to eliminate this factor, you can buy a satin pillowcase that will help your hair keep its smooth, perfect structure and if you want to wear your favorite hat or beanie you can sew a satin lining on the insides to make sure your hair stays safe during cold winter days no matter what accessories you wear!

3. Avoid Tight Hairdos

Yes, pulling your hair as tight as possible in a high ponytail is a super quick way of achieving a cool facelift and great volume for your crown, but it really impacts the health and resistance of your roots. Also tying your hair with a tight elastic band and keeping it that way for several hours can affect the hair strand structure. Or worse, bring you a bad headache!

4. Once a Week Put On a Hair Mask or Treatment

Just like your face needs an exfoliating treatment or a facial mask, the same principle applies to your hair. Make sure to include in your weekly hair care routine applying a hair mask of some sorts so that it gets properly nourished and strong against any damaging factors such as heat and straightening or curling devices. Mechanic tension on your hair strands can lead to hair breakage in time.

5. Trim Your Hair Frequently to Avoid Split Ends

Maintaining your tips in good condition is a great way for your hair to look fabulous all-year-round! If you do not have access to professional hair services, you can manage this task at home by trimming 1 inch of your length using a decent pair of scissors if you do not have anyone trustworthy around to help. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to trim your hair yourself and it can make a good impact on your hair’s health in the long term.

To resume, avoiding hair breakage is a self-care must that you can consider to be helpful when wishing for a stronger, shinier, and overall, more resistant mane! These 5 quick tips to avoid hair breakage are most likely to remain with you throughout the time once you start applying them daily and see the results, they bring for your hair when checking your locks in the mirror!

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