5 Ways to Make Your Grandmother Feel Special

Grandmothers are the best. They always find ways to treat you, even now that you’re an adult. Grandmas continue to make holidays special with their traditions and thoughtfulness. And some grandmothers are integral parts of the family when it comes to rearing grandchildren.

With the high price of childcare, grandparents are stepping in so that their own children can work and actually save some money. For everything they do for you and your family, wouldn’t it be nice to do something that makes them feel really special? If you’re not sure how to do that, here are a few ideas to consider.

Mark an occasion with something that shines.

Grandmothers love to hold onto cherished things from their grandchildren. It’s the reason that the picture you drew when you were four is still hanging on the refrigerator. If you want to give your grandmother something remarkable that she will be able to take with her wherever she goes, consider getting her a piece of jewelry that features lab grown diamonds.

With lab grown diamonds, you can find the perfect cut that best fits your grandmother’s personality and style for 30 percent less money than you would pay for a natural diamond. Despite the discrepancy in money, there are virtually no physical differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties, and can be grown in just a few weeks.

Most diamond professionals can’t even tell the difference unless they put the stone through a series of extensive tests. For the best diamonds, choose Agape Diamonds. Your grandmother will love your precious gift. If she’s not into diamonds, consider a custom birthstone ring. This is a very personal gift she will surely appreciate.

Recreate an old photo.

Gather your siblings and find your grandmother’s favorite picture from when you were kids. Now, recreate that picture as best you can with location, props, and costumes. Your grandma will get a kick out of it and be impressed that you took the time to do something to amuse her.

Help her with a tune-up.

Hearing loss can actually lead to depression and isolation in seniors because they feel as though they can’t appropriately participate in conversations and sometimes people stop trying to communicate with them if it’s too difficult. If you’ve noticed that your grandmother’s hearing or social interaction isn’t what it used to be, you might be able to help.

Talk to her about going to a hearing clinic. The doctors there will be able to run tests and find a way to better her quality of life. She’ll feel so special that you noticed her challenges and that you want to help.

Host an old movie night.

There is clearly a generational difference between the movies your grandmother loves and the movies you probably go to see in theaters. However, there are some movie theaters, like the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, that hold special days where old movies are played. Grab some popcorn and soft drinks for you and your grandma and watch together.

Some of the showings, like White Christmas and The Sound of Music, are interactive, adding another element of fun for your whole family. She’ll love an afternoon or evening out on the town with her grandchild, and the chance to share her favorite memories with you.

Take her on the trip of a lifetime.

If you have the money, now is the time to thank the matriarch of your family for everything she’s done. There are probably quite a few places she never got to go since she was raising her family, so pick a place on that list and whisk her away.

On the opposite spectrum, if your grandmother is very well-traveled, take her back to one of her favorite places. There’s a lot you can learn about a place through real lived memories.