5 winter life hacks for drivers

The winter period is one of the most dangerous for driving a car, both for beginners and experienced motorists. A sharp decrease or constant fluctuation in air temperature, high humidity, incessant precipitation – all this leads to a deterioration in the operation of some machine components. That is why it is very important to prepare for the winter, to get acquainted with the methods of solving one or another problem with a car. Otherwise, the driver runs the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation before or right in the middle of the Christmas holidays.

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Common Problems and Solutions

Each year, as winter approaches, many of us make a promise to ourselves that we will carefully prepare for the drop in temperature and the arrival of rain. But as it turns out, only some motorists keep their promises.So that your trip always ends well and to avoid all sorts of “surprises”, we have  prepared some useful life hacks that will help motorists in winter.

Ways to deal with condensation of glass. There are several ways to effectively deal with condensation on car windows. The first of them is the constant circulation of warm air in the car. In this case, the airflow should be directed towards the windshield and side view mirrors. The use of textile mats instead of rubber ones in winter also helps to combat condensation. Fabric car mats, unlike rubber ones, absorb moisture, preventing it from settling in the form of annoying drops on car windows.

Solving the problem of freezing rubber seals in car doorways. In order for the rubber bands not to freeze, they must be kept constantly clean. And treat the seals with silicone lubricant in the form of a spray. Before leaving the car in the parking lot, the rubber bands of the doorways must be evenly sprayed with grease. Silicone has a water repellent effect and will prevent moisture from entering.

Methods of dealing with freezing door locks. This problem is common among many motorists who are forced to leave their cars in open parking lots. There are several ways to solve it. The first of these is to use a heated key. It will need to be carefully inserted into the well of the door lock and alternately turned in different directions. The heat from the key will melt the ice and the lock will open. Another method is to apply hand sanitizer. It contains alcohol, which will help to quickly melt the ice and unlock the car.

Cleaning the car from snow – how to clean and where to store the tool? A scrubbing brush is best for cleaning the machine. The elasticity of the brush is enough to remove a thick layer of snow. The pile at its end is fluffed, due to which it scratches the paintwork of the car less. For owners of minivans and minibuses, a brush-scraper with a telescopic (retractable) handle is suitable. The best place to store it is in the trunk of your car. And in order to prevent moisture from seeping into the lining of the luggage compartment, we recommend using a mat or placing a rag under the brush;

Handbrake sticking. This common problem is faced by those drivers who often leave the car to “sleep” on a slope. During the night, the brake pads freeze to the discs, and it takes the driver a lot of time and effort to get moving in the morning. However, if this still happens, then the pads can be doused with warm water. At the same time, it must be remembered that water freezes quite quickly in the cold, so immediately after the “shower” of the elements of the brake system, you need to start moving. We also recommend that you do not immediately put the car on the handbrake after parking. It is best to wait a bit for the brake pads and discs to cool.

Using these tips will allow the driver to solve the most common problems during the winter operation of the car.