6 Bold Eye Makeup Looks Worth a Double Take


When it comes to makeup trends, the eyes often take center stage. Beauty gurus donning bold eye makeup looks are a sight for sore eyes, whether these cut-creases make an appearance in designer fashion or office cubicles. With plenty of eyelid space and 2021 inspiration aplenty, there’s no shortage of daring and versatile beauty trends that can take your routine to the next level. Believe it or not, it’s easier to achieve these looks than you might think.

Bold eye makeup continues to top the trend charts, accentuating the eyes and adding excitement to looks from daytime to nighttime. Emphasizing eyes highlights a beautiful feature and makes for a look that’s on-trend yet classic. If your peppers need a pep talk, here are six bold eye makeup styles that are sure to turn heads.

A look complete with eye-catching colored contacts

Whether you’re trying a bold Halloween look or just want to experiment with different eye colors, colored contact lenses from 1 800 Contacts can make your eyes stand out. Lenses are available in different strengths, including zero for cosmetic purposes.

Eyelash extensions rev up any look

Long, thick eyelashes will always attract attention. False eyelashes make any eye makeup look more glamorous. Eyelash extensions can be worn in a strip or separated to add emphasis here and there along your lash line. These luscious lashes also come in hypoallergenic versions, a plus for those who are allergic to mascara.

Smoky eye a classic look

What makes the smoky eye such an enduring favorite is its versatility, both with outfits and across different eye shapes. Go with lighter brownish and rose gold tones to create a “hay eye” look for daytime or work. For a more dramatic evening look, use bolder tones of navy, steel, and charcoal. Bouncy eyelashes are a classic, too, so make sure you give them a touch-up with the mascara wand before you hit the town.

Rock a single pop of eye shadow color

If you’re a fan of the retro look going back to the 1960s and ’70s, a bold pop of eyeshadow in a single shade is sure to cause a double-take. Try teal, light blue, or amethyst shades to make this fun and bold look extra eye-catching. Line with a classic black and add eyelash extensions to make the past come to life. Apply your favorite pencil eyeliner for one last kick in this color-loving look.

Smudgy eyeliner goes from day to night

To get this bold and versatile look, apply your eyeliner and smudge it with a clean makeup sponge. Follow up with another application of eyeliner, this time keeping the line crisp and close to the lash line. For work or daytime looks, keep the eyeliner application lighter, but go bolder for the evening.

Shimmery shadows give eyes a glow

Bright, dark, or smoky shades aren’t the only way to go bold with eye makeup. Lighter, shimmery eyeshadows, once only used as highlighters, are now worn across eyelids as statement colors. An icy light blue or iridescent shade is perfect for winter. Try a rosy shimmer for spring. Contrast these light shades with dark liner and black mascara or eyelash extensions for contrast that kills.

Before you go

Mysterious or playful, bold eye makeup makes for unforgettable looks. Try an eye-opening dive into bright colors and loud liners with these six beauty styles.



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