6 Career Outcomes For Recent Anthropology Graduates


When students announce that they want to go into fields such as anthropology, philosophy, archeology, and sociology, most parents are confused as to what this even means for their child’s future.

Similarly, many students actively seeking these degrees are often unsure of what their future holds or what jobs they can get after graduation.

Since fields like these are so broad and even interdisciplinary for the most part, they can create more confusion as there is no clear path.

However, if you are a student in an interdisciplinary field like anthropology then the broadness of the degree’s applications creates more options for you instead of confining you to a specific path.

Keep reading to know more about 6 career outcomes for recent anthropology graduates.

1. Non-profit And Social Services

Anthropology curriculums stress the importance of social structures, belief systems, and anything else that surrounds human behavior.

Thus, anthropologists are well fit for jobs that deal with the issues created by systems like these, especially in the nonprofit sector.

By studying social institutions, anthropologists are more likely to recognize injustice and help those in need.

2. Education

One of the best parts about anthropology students is that their passion usually drives them to this field compared to other factors like pay or position.

If you have ever taken a boring class then you know that the teacher’s passion for the subject matter can completely change your perspective of the boring subject.

Thus, anthropology students make excellent teachers as they want to share more about their exciting field with the next generation.

3. Research And Assessments

There are many branches within the field of anthropology too. These include linguistics anthropology, biological anthropology, and even forensics anthropology.

Specializing in these areas gets you even more diversity in the type of job you can get as these fields require someone with a research background.

You can become a researcher or assessment specialist for big conglomerates in various industries that utilize these skills for market research and product development.

4. Organizational Behavior And Training

Anthropologists are also well suited for any jobs dealing with people and working through issues created due to a hierarchy or social structure.

This is why anthropologists are often selected for HR positions that require managing as well as training employees, especially for startups.

If you are new to the organizational behavior field, you can hire Writers Per Hour to review case studies and even write training outlines for your next company-wide training seminar.

5. Political Commentator And Writer

Anthropologists are experts in getting to the root of an issue or a way of thinking.

This makes them suitable to become political commentators or writers as they can understand and analyze nuances related to political biases.

Furthermore, anthropologists excel at becoming political commentators because they are highly aware of human nature and can better answer the underlying question i.e. why do we do what we do?

6. Museum Curator And Historian

Becoming a historian or a museum curator is one of the most natural progressions for a student in anthropology. Students spend countless hours learning about the origin of societies and how natural sciences govern the culture around us.

This type of training is essential for historians and curators to take historical artifacts and see how they fit into larger cultural practices and culture as a whole.


All in all, interdisciplinary fields like anthropology can open up doors for many students regardless of what specialty they majored in.

Instead of thinking about the degree as being too broad, it is better to explore the many avenues it opens up.

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