6 Ideas to Celebrate Friendship with Your Favorite Girls

Friends are the people who know the best stories of your life because they were present as those stories were unfolding. Indeed, finding genuine friends is a huge blessing; this is why you should never take them for granted.

While you still can, spend as much time with them as possible. There will come a time when getting all of your gal pals will not be so easy even if there’s a special occasion. As everyone gets deeper into their career and or family life, leisure time with each other will become scarce.

To help you celebrate friendship with your soul sisters, here are six fun-tastic ideas for girls’ day- or night-outs.

1. Have a private cinema party

Every time there is a film that all of you are looking forward to seeing, make sure to watch it with your girlfriends. However, you can elevate the experience through a private cinema hire and get a theater all to yourselves. Won’t it be fun to have an exclusive experience such as this?

In Dubai, there is a luxurious movie theater that you can hire for your special cinema party with the girls. The theater has a lounge-like setting, the comfiest recliner seats, and you get a VIP call button, too. The Platinum Plus Cinema experience in Dubai is available for exclusive groups, and it’s perfect for a special night out with the girls.

2. Wine and dine

A wine and dine event is an ideal activity to launch you all into a fun weekend. When work’s done for the week, meet up at a nice restaurant for a wine and dine experience. There’s nothing much to this activity other than enjoying great food, different kinds of wine, and catching up with each other. It’s an even ideal prelude to a movie date.

Feel light and fancy as you exchange stories with each other and toast to having people who just get you. Some restaurants offer packages for this experience. Check them out online to see the packages suitable for you and the girls.

3. Go for a spa sesh

Treat yourselves to some much-needed R&R. Head to a salon and spa for beautification and pampering. As you get a group facial or mani-pedi, you can talk about your lives and plans just like how women go on girlfriend dates in the movies.

Relaxing with your friends is always an excellent idea, especially if you are all still in a fiercely competitive stage in your respective careers.

4. Attend a spinning class together

Celebrate friendship and good health by joining a spinning class. This is a fun idea, especially if you lot are preparing for an important event where it’s a must to look good such as a high school reunion, or the wedding of someone you know.

Working out can be challenging, but if you are with your supportive friends, the physically taxing activity can easily transform into a joke- and laugh-fest.

5. Join a game night

Different establishments regularly hold game nights. Why not join one with the gals? Enjoy everything from Trivial Pursuit to Pictionary, and scavenger hunt and put your teamwork to the test. Game nights are exciting and also great opportunities to meet other people.

If you cannot find a place that hosts game nights, organize your own. Pinterest offers an abundance of ideas on how to host a game night for friends successfully.

6. Take a class together

Learning something new is always fun when you do it with your friends, so take a class together. But, to make learning more appropriate for a girls’ night out, choose a class that’ll be interesting for the whole gang. For instance, you can attend pottery, painting, or cheese and wine pairing classes together.

Another class to consider is a dance class. Remember how Monica, Rachel, Phoebe (of the popular “Friends” TV sitcom, if you’ve forgotten) had a blast taking a tap dance class together? Who knows, the skills you all may develop could come in handy someday say, for a flash mob in someone’s wedding.

Friendship deserves to be celebrated – do so in big and small ways.

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you for your rare get-togethers with your girlfriends, and new fond memories will be created because of them.


Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.