6 Signs You Might Need Physical Therapy


1. Medication is Not Helping

If you are taking any type of medication due to a physical ailment, but it is not as effective as you thought it would be, your issue could require physical therapy rather than just simply taking meds. While medication is helpful in many cases, especially to reduce swelling or help you heal, sometimes, your body needs therapy that medicine does not provide. If that is the case, then you need to contact a physical therapist as soon as possible. And if you are looking for the best physical therapy Scottsdale, click the link given. 

2. Constant Lingering Pain

If you are experiencing constant pain, then you might seriously want to consider contacting a physical therapist. Even if you are not an active person, lingering pain can be very detrimental and can be a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before it becomes more serious. Sometimes people can be in constant pain while sitting at their desks, and, instead of ignoring the pain, or taking over the counter painkillers to keep the pain at bay, consult a physical therapist.

The number of physical therapists differs from one area to another. You can simply narrow down the search by filtering for the area you live in your search. For example, if you live in Portland you can easily find the best physical therapists around with a simple online search. Because they rely heavily on physical therapy Portland locals tend to ensure that they look up reliable and well-known therapists to tend to their issues. According to physical therapist Sabrina Seraj, DPT, CKTP, you are sure to find extremely helpful therapists who have acquired Physical Therapy higher education. THey can help you deal with your pain and ensure that you can overcome any physical issues without becoming overly dependent on pain meds. A physical therapist can also help you find out if your pain requires a visit to a doctor, or if it can be dealt with using physical therapy alone.

3. Before and After a Surgery

This may seem common enough, but you’d be surprised how often people think they do not need physical therapy when they have had surgery. Some surgeries occur without prior notice, especially if they are after a traumatic event. But other times, you know exactly when you are going to have surgery. If you have prior notice, then you may want to get some physical therapy done before you go through with the surgery, to prepare your body for what it is about to experience. After your surgery, you will want to contact a physical therapist to find out what kind of exercises you can do to get your body in  better condition. After the surgery, you need to regain muscle strength, especially in the area where you had the surgery.

You Might Need Physical Therapy

4. Pain When Moving in Certain Ways

If after certain activities make you experience physical pain, contacting a physical therapist can help you determine the cause and help you deal with it before it becomes grave. For example, if during a run or when lifting weights you feel pain, then you should not just work through it. Go to a physical therapist to help you find out why you are feeling this pain and how you can overcome it.

5. Aching Joints and Swelling

With age, it is expected to feel some ache in joints, especially if you do not move around a lot.  If you have swelling or your aches are becoming more frequent, it is a definite sign that you need to go to a physical therapist. A therapist may also recommend cupping therapy, an ancient healing therapy performed on the body to ease pain in the arms, legs, back and neck or other body parts. As mentioned above, a visit to the doctor will give you medication for the swelling. It won’t, however, address the root cause of the aches.

6. Wanting to Get Back to Exercising

If you have not been exercising for quite a while and want to go back to exercising, then you need to head to a physical therapist. A physical therapist can give you a personalized exercise plan to get you to the required fitness level you need to return to the physical activity you were used to before you stopped. If you dive into exercising right away, you might end up feeling worse and not getting the results you wanted.

There are different reasons why one may seek out the help of a physical therapist. Unfortunately, sometimes people ignore the signs and end up being in extreme pain for their entire life, or worsening their situations. Educating yourself on why you might need a physical therapist and finding out what signs to look out for can help you avoid issues before they crop up.

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