How to Use Combustion Analyzers


Greenhouse effect! A very familiar word, isn’t it? Do you know which gas is responsible for this? Prime Culprit is Carbon Dioxide. An increased level of CO more than 150 ppm may cause death.

Now the burning question is what to do with industrial plants and combustion processes that produce CO and hazardous wastage? Well, we have combustion analyzers to monitor it.

You can use them in wood, oil, gas plants, boiler & heater also. Regarding safety measurement, a combustion analyzer is an important component of your toolbox. It will ensure you low cost with safety.

To help you operate it properly, here, I will discuss how to use a combustion analyzer! Let’s go…


A combustion analyzer is an essential tool for combustion plants and furnaces. This is used for various intents. Do you need to measure flue pressure or stack temperature? Combustion analyzers are always there at your service. But, to buy the best combustion analyzer, you need to check some combustion analyzer reviews.

 Moreover, our heavy types of machinery often produce mechanical issues. So, it is necessary to maintain a proper level of fuel. Proper temperature control is also necessary. Helping on those jobs, the combustion analyzer offers pieces of machinery a long lifespan with proper monitoring.


Combustion analyzer, the Swiss army knife of its field, has a few components to provide multiple functionalities. Including-

Keypad: you will find a power button, some navigation keys, a backlight button, a print button and a home key on the keypad.

Function keys: These keys are used to Start/ stop measurement or for selecting any settings

 Other elements: A display, batteries, Flue gas probe with probe cone and silicone hose.


At first, install your batteries. However, if it contains rechargeable batteries than charge it near about 8 hours. Hold the power button for 3 seconds. Now, the tool is available for use.

On topmost section of the screen, there are 4 symbols. Use the function key to select the measurement. A good combustion analyzer ordinarily gets 4 determinations.

  • Flue gas test
  • Ambient CO test
  • Draught measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement.

Perfect fitting with the probe is necessary to connect the device with the measurement area. The box contains a silicone hose that has to be attached to the probe. You need to make sure that the whole probe opening is covered. Settle other ends of the silicone hose to the measuring point. The measurement point should be selected conveniently.

Now, hold the power button to get the device ready for measurement. If the device is measuring for the first time, it is necessary to select area, time, date & language. You can select them using navigation keys. Give it a standard zeroing on fresh air. It may take 30 to 60 seconds to warm up.

After that, choose a correct fuel type, like- propane/ biomass /wood. Carry out the measurement. The probe should remain still. After completing the measurement, press the print button and receive your measurement printed.

Nonetheless, if your screen shows a “plug up” sign, you should replace the filter. On the back of your probe handle, there is a plastic cap to rotate counter-clockwise to unlock. Inside this, you will find a comb. Replace it with another one.

In case of continuous use, it will accumulate moisture which is visible through the view window. Remove the moisture or drain the liquid by pulling the plug. You will find it at the top of your device. Never miss sealing the plug carefully. Otherwise, it will cause measurement error by pulling air.

Safety precaution  

  • Cigarette smoke may interfere with the measurement result.
  • It has a magnetic holder. So keep it away if the user carries an artificial pacemaker.
  • During storage, the battery should be charged from time to time.
  • Use it carefully in excessive cold or warm weather.
  • The accumulated moisture may become frozen in cold weather. So clean it carefully.
  • Draft measurement shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, it will exceed the tolerance limit of the sensor and start drifting.


Ensuring proper usage of fuel has become our essential responsibility. In this field, the role of a combustion analyzer is very important. Defective mechanical systems always put your health at risk.

That’ why, you have to know how to use a combustion analyzer correctly to make the equipment safe and easy to use in factories, even in houses.

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