6 Tips for Organizing a Smashing Cocktail Party

Organizing the new year or Christmas party would be exciting as well as difficult at the same time especially in the case of a cocktail party. The trend of the cocktail party has always been there since the era of the early 1900. It is always considered a great opportunity for meeting and entertaining your friends or business associates. These cocktail parties are considered best for personal as well as business purposes. The average duration of the cocktail party is around 2 to 3 hours. Here guests can have simple food along with some great cocktails, and of course, they can enjoy dancing to the beat of disco music. But how to arrange the perfect cocktail party? This always is a question for you. Here is the list of tips that would help you to organize the best smashing cocktail party.

Choose the cocktails

Cocktail parties are incomplete without a bunch of cocktails. Hence these are must ones for your party. These cocktail drinks are considered to be served first as soon as your guests enter into your party hall and then you can think of serving the food. This way you can let people mingle for a good time. Here you can serve cocktails in three ways. You can either set up a full bar which would include a variety of mixers and liquors. A themed bar would help you to focus on an assortment of mixers or liquor while the signature cocktail bar helps you to serve one or two mixed drinks. Here you would need to make sure to include the right amount of beer and wine. Apart from this, it is important to have plenty of water or sparkling water with lemon or berries. You can also add nonalcoholic drinks to the menu. You can get a variety of cocktail drinks at https://barossadistilling.com.

Choose the right menu

The traditional cocktail food menu consists of savory finger foods which can be easily eaten within one or two bites. Here the hors d’oeuvres are served during the meal. This is also known as the menu outside the meal which simply cannot replace the meal or is considered as the substitute of the meal. Nowadays it is very common to replace meals with hors d’oeuvres. Hence if you are planning a cocktail party either during lunch or dinner hours then make sure to serve enough meals to your guests which can substitute it. Also, a cocktail party menu will not be completed unless you serve first-class beer like modelo beer.

Prepare the guest list

According to the survey around 60% of the guests show up at the party and 75% of it would be your close friends. Make sure to also invite fresh faces every time you arrange for the party to make it more interesting. Apart from this make sure to invite one extra person over every ten people to avoid the no-shows or last-minute cancellations even if they say that they are coming.

Set the Scene

Theme and location are important aspects of the cocktail party. Hence it is important to choose the location that offers the view of the garden or a banquet. You can arrange the furniture in a certain way so that your guests can move around in the banquet hall freely. You can get rid of the excess furniture if required. If you think that the space that you have chosen will be crowded then make sure to get a large round center table that can be served as a mini food station. You can also include small drop tables where you can put the used napkins or glasses. You can place the tray on the table to signal the drop-off area.

Choose the fancy invitation

The invitation is known to be another important aspect of the cocktail party. You can choose the invitation cards according to the theme of your party. You can send the object instead of traditional invitations to share the details of the theme. If not possible then you can also choose the email invitations. Here you can also add your photograph along with the music.

Prepare a checklist

Preparing the checklist will help you to get things done faster as well as in an organized way. Here you can check with the banquet manager for the preparations a few hours before whether everything is going well. You can also keep the additional glassware in case of breaking of any. And the most important one is to make sure you sleep well the night before so that you will be fully prepared to enjoy the cocktail party the next day.