7 Activities or Games that will Improve Your Child’s Hand-eye Coordination


To make different fine movements, everyone relies on excellent hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye eye coordination is responsible for the ability to grasp objects appropriately, tie shoelaces, hit the ball correctly, write, etc.

For children, the coordination is still at its developmental level. Resultantly, there are certain games or activities that your little ones can do to improve their hand-eye coordination.

If you want to help your kids, check out these 7 activities and games you should encourage them to do.

1. Throwing and catching a ball

There is hardly any activity that is better than throwing and catching a ball if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination. This activity makes it easy for your child to perform some fine movements and develop at the right pace.

While doing this activity, you should try balls of different sizes. Beach balls, footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, etc. can come in handy.

2. Threading and lacing

Generally, threading and lacing involve several precise movements of the hands and eyes before the task can be accomplished. You can try out threading with a shoelace and beads. Join your kid as she tries out this particular activity.

3. Kids’ air hockey

If you have ever played air hockey, you would agree that the game involves several forms of movements of the hands as well as eyes. Therefore, it is not strange that this game is good for boosting your child’s eye-hand coordination. So, you should consider getting kids’ air hockey table and encouraging your kids to play this game.

4. A pillow fight

You don’t even need to force your kids to try out this activity because most kids already love it. So, all you have to do is to encourage them to participate in this activity more. As they play, laugh, and throw pillows, the coordination of their eyes and hands will develop significantly.

5. Puzzles

Puzzles need no introduction when it comes to fun-filled activities that can help your children develop. These games are known to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor, logic, pre-mathematical skills, attention, as well as problem-solving. Therefore, get puzzles for your kids now and enhance their development.

6. Rope skipping

Rope skipping can be quite tasking; however, its benefits can never be overemphasized. While skipping rope, your children will be encouraged to coordinate their legs and different sides of their bodies. Of course, this activity will force their eyes and hands to work regularly for proper coordination.

7. Drawing

Get paint, cardboard, pencils, paper, wax crayons, whiteboards, and other drawing tools for your kids. Then, allow them to channel their creativity into drawing anything they want. As they strive to draw different objects that are fine, they will master the use of their fingers and eyes. Consequently, their hand-eye coordination will improve.

Apart from the aforementioned activities and games, your kids should also play skittles, work in the garden, toss balloons, construct toys, try cutting and sticking, dribble balls around cones, have a Lego room and build Lego blocks, and toss bean bag. All these activities and games enhance hand-eye coordination.

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