7 Refreshing Bedroom makeover tips to follow


A bedroom – not just a place to sleep but also your personal space to relax. A person spends most of his time in a bedroom. We sit, relax, read, talk, eat, sleep, work, and so-almost-everything in a bedroom. The only place where we shed all our emotions.

The looks of the bedroom reflect our personality. A bedroom should always look organized and tidy because it is our last reach spot in the house. Since pandemic has changed many things in our lives, the bedroom has also converted into an office. After spending so much time in the bedroom, its appearance definitely needs to be prioritized. And the time has come to give it the much-needed makeover.

I’ll be telling about 7 Bedroom makeover tips that can make you fall in love with your personal space:

1. Paint the walls

Colouring the walls is not just fun but also adds the oomph factor to your room. Make sure you choose to relax and calm shades to paint your walls. Try mixing warm and cool colors.

Further, you can also go for stickers/wallpapers for adding a little drama to the walls. Stickers/wallpapers are available at cheaper rates than wall colors. You may adjust it on the wall behind your bed. Think wisely about the color and wallpaper, and it will surely prove to be the mood lifter and also make your environment positive.

2. Change the furniture

Changing the furniture is optional if you have non-movable furniture. But if you don’t have any issues like that, polishing your old almirah/wardrobe can help.

Add new things like a side table beside your bed, racks for storing newspaper or reading-books, foldable table, an ottoman, etc.

3. Add accessories

Accessories can up the game of your bedroom interiors and also make it appear engaging. To begin with, here are a few amazing recommendations:

  1. a) How about adding a lampshade with a glass base? It looks elegant and beautifies the corner even more.
  2. b) Make a window seat for yourself. Decorate it with funky cushions and a windchime (optional). This can be your special seat to read books or have evening snacks. Place indoor plants on the window to make it more attractive.
  3. c) A dreamcatcher or DIY origami butterfly or hearts will enhance the place more. Further, a few string lights or fairy lights will make it your favorite place.
  4. d) Use pictures and paintings on the wall. This will highlight them and your wall.
  5. e) You can even use sticky holders on the wall near sockets to keep your phone safe while charging.
  6. f) Hanging lights will enhance the beauty of your ceiling.

4. Transform the Bed

Now comes the most important place in a bedroom: BED. The sleeping area is the highlight of the room because that’s what it is meant for. The bedsheets and pillow cover sets of light colors and the blanket should be of dark color or vice-versa.

You can also buy bedsheets online for more color variants and exclusive prints. If necessary, change mattresses too. Also, you can buy a headboard for a classic look.

5. Buy Carpets

Why leave the floor dry? Adding a carpet or a rug for soft and warm flooring. Although, maintaining it is not that easy if you are running on a low budget.

6. Don’t forget Curtains

You can’t have windowless rooms. And windows look complete only when decorated with beautiful curtains. Further, curtains can not only protect your sleep from direct sun rays and neighbor’s glance but can also change the layout of the room.

7. Throw out old and unusable stuff

Last but the most important tip is to empty the spaces that have been blocked by the things you don’t need anymore or don’t work properly. Instead, use this space for storing more usable stuff or just leave it empty It will help make your room look big and organized.

Over To You…

Bedroom makeover is not a tough job although it can be cost-effective for those who are running on a low budget. Many DIYs can save you from those extra costs and still fulfill your desires for a transformed bedroom. The real challenge is to maintain it. Using good disinfectants and cleaners for carpets and other surfaces which catch dirt quickly needs to be attended to. Taking proper care of your room and keeping it tidy is a must to feel happy in your special corner of the house.

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