8 Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious


Ever flip through a lifestyle magazine and feel yourself enhanced by what you see? Cascading chandeliers, fluffy sofas, marble tiles all make for an exquisite house. Unfortunately, your daydream may come to a sudden halt when you realize the cost of owning a luxurious home. There is nothing wrong with wanting your space to be attractive. But you may feel discouraged by the price of a simple touch-up.

However, there is still so much you can do to brighten up your living space. All you need is direction. The products you need to incorporate into your household to make it look glamorous are all within your reach. It would be best if you grabbed them. This article will teach you ways you can reclaim your space and make it look divine.

Who knows, maybe you end up doing such a spectacular job that your house finds its way on Instagram. Here’s how you can make your living space look undeniably beautiful:

1. Less is More

Spacious rooms help make your house look luxurious. If you fill the room to the brim with furniture and decor, it seems like clutter. However, you can’t sell every item in your house. It is where self-storage enters. You can easily find storage facilities around your area. For instance, if you live in Conway, South Carolina, you can search online by typing self storage Conway SC to find the best climate-controlled units. So now you don’t even have to worry about your household items deprecating, and you can easily switch the furniture. Not only does your house stay clean and look elegant, but you can always pull out pieces for a more attractive look.

2. Use Lighting to Create Illusions

Lighting is the most crucial aspect of your house. Think of it in this way when you visit a hotel or go to a hospital, what influences the environment? It is the lighting. Hospitals have sharp lighting, while hotels have a soft ethereal glow. When it comes to choosing light fixtures and bulbs for your house, there is no stopping you. When you’re purchasing lamps, figure out if they come in multiple lamp shades. Work on their placement. Should they go behind the furniture or on the side?

Similarly, what kind of light fixture should go on the ceiling? How reflective should the trinkets on the chandelier be? These fundamental elements add charm and illumination to your house, so don’t underestimate the power of a soft bulb and a lovely chandelier.

3. Get Busy with Textiles

If you’re crafty or know of a tailor, purchase textile. The benefit of working with your fabric is you have the complete liberty to design it as you want. You may notice how a cushion makes all the difference to a room. You can even spend slightly extra and create a throw for your rooms, especially for the sofas. Picking out the suitable material and giving it a proper stitch is all you need. Pick out contrasting colors to make them stand out against the furniture. It would be best if you also got feather stuffing to prevent the cushions from collapsing. A stuffing like this one helps these pillows retain their shape.

4. Go for Long Curtains

Short curtains don’t look as attractive and appealing as long curtains do. In a high-end hotel, case in point, notice how their draperies may be simple yet have an exquisite length. It is the same concept you need to apply for curtains in your house. First, install a curtain beam above the window pane. You can go for simple curtain rods and beams that don’t need a designer element to them. Next, get long and flowy curtains. These curtains don’t necessarily need a pattern. They can be simple or pleated. You can choose to make your curtains or get them at a reasonable cost. Just make sure they touch the ground and don’t lose length midway. Before you take on this project, make sure you measure the dimensions.

5. Invest in Large Art Pieces

Art that takes up the length of a wall adds to the appeal of your house. Suppose you have an all-white living room. Why not add color in the form of a colorful abstract painting? Large paintings give rooms a focal point. It helps you arrange the furniture in a way that the painting becomes a part of the room. So nothing looks out of place or randomly placed. Elegance is all about how you place objects to complement each other. Colors, sizes, and shapes of decor all work in unison to give you luxurious rooms.

6. Bring Out the Rug

Bare floors never look attractive, even if they’re marble. Rugs and carpets add a fancy element to the room. They are another great addition that completes the overall look of the room. Also, the feeling of a soft and plump rug under your feet adds luxury points to your room. You can go for rugs that have a pattern on them or are just solid colors. They’re also a great way to introduce a color break into your living space. Suppose you have all-black furniture. Why not go for a pure white rug?

7. Add Moldings

Crown moldings are decorative moldings installed on top of the interior wall. These can be done in various designs and add to the charm of the room. It is also the most budget-friendly way of doing your walls. Crown moldings don’t need you to knock down walls. You need to know how to apply it properly. There are also no limitations to how the molding should look and where you can put them. They can go on the ceilings, the walls, and window panes.

8. Paint Walls

The science of color informs us that different colors leave an impact on us. If you’re going for an elegant look, go for rich dark colors. If you want a friendlier atmosphere, go for bright colors. Since luxury is what you want your space to look like, paint your house rich dark colors. You can even mix metallic paint and create gold trims that can accent the walls further. However, avoid contrasting colors since they are not easy on the eyes. If they’re not appropriately applied, they only look tacky.

Wrap Up

Luxury living is all about how smart you are with what you have. If you know how to work angles, making items flow with each other, even a potted plant can look dazzling. You may want to start by working on your lighting game. Decide how soft you want the glow and what light fixture enhances the illumination. Invest in fabrics to make long curtains and attractive cushions. You may also use rugs, get antiques and apply molding to different rooms. With these essential touches, your house will take on the luxury look you want.

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