A Boxer’s Must-Have Checklist For Training Like A Champion


If you like boxing, you can always train at the gym, but, if you’re serious about competing and doing this as more than just a hobby, you should consider creating your own space at home. This is where you’ll be able to train and become as fit as you need to face an opponent in the ring. So if you’re planning on buying any of these boxing equipments, we recommend checking this boxing equipment reviews website as they can help you make a faster and better purchase. Here is a checklist of a boxer’s must-haves to get you started.


While you know that you need to get a pair of boxing gloves, it is also recommended to get some speed bag gloves, as they are different and aimed at helping you work on your accuracy and how fast you manage to hit.

Boxing gloves, on the other hand, are made for protection, too, and that is why you should have a pair of each to help you in your training.

Training bags

Just as for gloves there are two primary recommendations, for training bags there are also two items you should have at your home gym. One indispensable element is the heavy bag. This is how most of your training will go: you will hit the heavy bag, learning drills and techniques that will help you become a better boxer.

The speed bag is the second item you should get, as that will help you become as fast as you need. It is a great thing to have a heavy punch, but if you are not fast enough, you will never be able to face a real opponent in a ring.

Hand wraps

The human body is a marvelous thing, and it can do so much. But overlooking its vulnerabilities is dangerous, especially when practicing a sport such as boxing. One of the first items that cater to a boxer’s protection is a pair of hand wraps.

These wraps will protect the delicate bones in the hands that are exposed to a lot of pressure as the force of impact that comes with each hit and punch can cause fissures and fractures. While hand wraps won’t eliminate the risk of injury, they will, at least, limit it.

Other protection equipment

You will also need a headgear to protect you from hits to the head when you’re sparring. Seeing that you’re training at home, you might not be able always to spar, but you should always add this element if you want your training to be complete.

Don’t forget about a mouth guard. This one, again, is for the times when you train with a sparring partner. Especially if you’re training with a novice, this item will come in handy. By mere accidents, your sparring partner might land some punches that could hurt your teeth, so get the adequate protection.

Cardio equipment

Some vouch by the treadmill, others by the elliptical bike, but regardless of your preferences, you should know that a boxer needs to do plenty of cardio exercises. Whether you prefer something without equipment, or you choose to have some helping gear, that’s the only thing that you should remember: you will never win a game if you’re strong, but not capable of sustaining the effort.

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