What Are The Easiest Instruments To Play As An Adult?

In your adult years, you might not believe that taking up a musical instrument is wise, seeing how learning one could take a lot and you might never get any good. But that’s just crazy talk. Actually, many adults learn today how to play various musical instruments and have a lot of fun in the process. See here some of the easiest to learn instruments, even if you are an adult with not much free time on your hands.


If you have ever listened to Bob Dylan’s ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’, you might have wanted to play one such instrument, at least once in your life. The round shape of the tambourine makes it unique, along with the bells and jingles that come attached to the frame.

The great thing about the tambourine is that it’s easy to learn. You can do no wrong when you play the tambourine. And the best part is that you can add something unique and exotic to any musical arrangement just by shaking and tapping your tambourine.


If you were to make a comparison between various musical instruments that are easy and fun to play as an adult, you would notice that ukulele always make an appearance. That happens because of all the right reasons.

They have only four strings, and they are considerably less difficult than guitars. Also, the nylon strings create nice sounds, so you will feel motivated to learn a few songs and play along.  You can also find great Ukulele lessons to help you get started as well.


An electronic version of the much more pretentious piano, the keyboard is easy to learn and also tons of fun. You will discover that it’s easy to get the hang of it once you start practicing, as they are backing tracks and other options to consider so that your training becomes more entertaining.

Home users are the main keyboard players you can find. While you won’t see a famous pianist playing the keyboard, there are plenty of other musicians that appreciate the versatility of this instrument. Many bands have a keyboard player in their composition because of the value this musical instrument adds.


Drums are pretty satisfying, as far as learning an instrument as an adult goes. What could be more rewarding than beating the drums and releasing some pent-up energy in a way that is creative and entertaining, at the same time?

There is another great benefit to hitting the drums. They require some limb strength, so, instead of hitting the gym, opt for the drums, as they might feel like a much more enjoyable way to spend your time.


Many people consider the harmonica to be the easiest instrument to learn how to play on the face of the planet. Maybe that’s true, and many people would vouch for the truth value of this statement.

Ideally, you should purchase a diatonic harmonica in C, as this model is thought to be the easiest one to play as a novice. The shortest and most enjoyable way to learn this instrument is by playing around with it so that you can start to feel it. Also, there are plenty of tutorials to get you started.


In case you love salsa, but you’re not that great a dancer, you can be a joyful participant to the carnival by learning to play the bongos. These are basically two drums strung together, and they are an essential part of any salsa ensemble.

The great part about bongos is that they don’t take up the same amount of space as a full set of drums. Also, they are easy to learn and even to master.