Best Air Filters To Make Your Home Comfortable


Our home would not be sweet and cozy without household devices. One of the most must-have domestic units is an air conditioner. Its main function is cooling air inside the house. For the system, which can cool, ventilate, and heat, you can choose a 14 x 18 x1 air filter.

AC are placed both in houses and offices, industries and vehicles. Now it’s time to go into the matter of the expensive and complex devices allowing you to set up the atmosphere in the room.

How does an air conditioner work

The system operates on the principle of a closed loop. The air is cooled when passing through the separate cooling unit, where the refrigerant evaporates. Let’s study the scheme of the device operation in five stages.

  • The compressor installed in the external block pumps gas from the evaporator of the indoor block to the condenser.
  • Inside the condenser, Freon provides heat output to the street with the help of the heat exchanger of the external block.
  • Gaseous Freon becomes liquid as a result of cooling.
  • Freon passes into the throttle, which leads to a decrease in the pressure of the liquid Freon. A part of the liquid transforms into gas.
  • When Freon is in the evaporator, the transition from the liquid to the gaseous state is performed. As a result, cool air enters the room.

Due to the peculiarity of the air conditioner, water drops – a condensate – appear on the evaporator. Usually, when installing the system, a separate tube is installed for the condensed water removal. It goes outside or into the waste piping, so that there is no excess moisture in the room.

A special curtain and a louver shutter regulate the outgoing air from the indoor unit horizontally and vertically.

The feature of an inverter AC is continuous operation, but not evermore critical, as of a conventional device. The inverter saves energy and extends life of the compressor, because it does not work jerkily, but smoothly. Smooth operation is ensured by no need to turn off the device to save electricity.

The inverter model is more efficient than any other device if it runs for a few hours without switching off.

The inverter AC has two blocks, external and internal. The outdoor block has a compressor, a Freon system, a fan and a condenser. The indoor block consists of an evaporator, a fan, a louver, a filter and a special tray for the condensate.

How often should air filters be changed

In the inner block, you need to make sure that the filter is not clogged with dirt and dust. Signs that indicate its contamination are:

  • unpleasant smell;
  • low power;
  • slow operation of the device;
  • increased energy consumption;
  • water release.

It is recommended to clean filters in autumn and spring, that is, twice a year before starting intensive operation. If the filter is clogged with dust, you can wash it and change it 3-4 times a year.

Experts recommend to change filters after 4-6 months of intensive operation of the device. It is advisable to do this in spring, before the hot season comes.

Some manufacturers equip AC with a special indicator that changes its colour in case of filter contamination. High quality indoor devices are equipped with a special cleaning system: as soon as the filter is clogged with dust or mould, it immediately washes it automatically. In these appliances, it is recommended to replace the filter every 2-3 years.

Benefits of AC

Each type of an AC system has its own advantages.

Wall splits are much more common than any other types of cooling appliances in apartments.

They are:

  • Efficient;
  • Productive;
  • Good-looking and varied in form;
  • Versatile.

They can provide not only coolness, but also become an auxiliary source of heat, complementing the radiators (and that saves you energy and money) and even becoming a full-fledged alternative to a traditional heater.

Using this appliance is easy and convenient, the remote control allows you to do it without even getting up from the sofa. The most important and most valuable property is low noisiness.

Air purification is a separate topic. Dust, animal hair, allergens, smoke, carcinogens, fungus – all this gets into our home, even if we have closed windows and doors. So, the AC has another important task we should value: combined with cooling or heating the air, it cleans it and sometimes makes it even healthy!

Want to buy the device that will become a real helper in the fight for a healthy lifestyle? Pay attention to the filters installed in it. Keep them clean! They will protect your home from viruses, fungi, mold and pathogenic bacteria! You will be able to breathe freely.


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