Amazing moving hacks that will make packing for a local move efficient!!!


When the moving date comes closer, it becomes even more stressful to pack the entire home in just a few boxes. If you are also the one who has decided to move to a new location and you are worried about the moving-related tasks especially for packing then you have jumped at the right place. This guide contains ingenious moving hacks from trusted local moving companies that will make the entire packing efficient and easier. Have a look at these packing hacks:

Get rid of unwanted items so you have fewer items to pack

Donating, selling and throwing away unwanted items is the best way to make the packing efficient. This will lighten your stress as well as workload as you will have fewer items to pack now. Sort out all the items that you want to donate, sell, or throw away. Make sure you only have the items that are needed there at the new place. You should not pack items that you have not used last year.

Put the cotton balls in the compacts makeup

While relocating, keeping your makeup items safe is one of the biggest tasks. To keep makeup protected, you should put the cotton balls in the makeup compacts so they don’t break during transportation. These cotton balls act as a cushion inside the fragile makeup cosmetic products.

Set a proper timer to pack the item

It is recommended you to break down the entire packing process into different steps. Packing is such a difficult and huge task that makes you feel tired and once you feel tired, it becomes difficult to do the entire packing at once. You should break down the tasks into several parts. You should assign a specific time of the day for the packing process. And make sure that you tackle one room at one time. Keep the entire task-organized, this will make packing more efficient.

Click pictures of the house before you move in

Make sure you know how your house exactly looks when you move in. This is the best way to know how your house looks exactly and helps you to settle all the things there at a new home.

Assign a different color packing label for each room

To make the entire packing and unpacking more efficient, it is recommended you color coordinate the boxes with the rooms so that they can be unpacked in the same rooms. This will make the entire packing as well as unpacking of items easier.

Grab extra packing supplies

You should have a hardware tools kit that will help pack all the items. You should stock up all the items in packing supplies such as extension cords, light bulbs, power strips, and so on. This will make the entire packing more efficient and easier.

Start packing ahead of time

Packing little each day is a better option than leaving the entire packing on the last day. You should start packing the stuff that does not use frequently. Like if it is summer season then start packing all the items that have been used in winters. Start packing in a way that you pack the items that are not needed now. From books to mementos, you can find thousands of items there that need to be packed.

Pack decorative items a few weeks before

You should pack all the decorative items in a few weeks before. Remember that decorative item is oddly shaped as well as these are fragile items therefore packing these items require a lot of time as well as efforts. So, it is recommended you start packing such items before the time.

Label moving box like a boss

It is recommended you to label all the moving boxes clearly and accurately. Sometimes people tend to label boxes at the top and when you load and stack the items in the truck therefore labeling would not be visible. This is why you should also do labeling at the sides of the boxes. You should label the boxes by category or according to the room of the home. Make sure you pack the items in the right way.

Protect the fragile items with packing paper and bubble wrap

You should protect the fragile items with packing paper, newspaper, and bubble wrap. If the items are more fragile then you should do double and triple padding and wrapping of all the items. Use proper padding for the dishware and fragile decorative items. Pay proper attention to everything so that these fragile items do not break during transportation.

Bottom line:

Use these above-given packing tips to keep all the items protected. These packing hacks will help make the entire packing more efficient and smoother so that you can pack more items in less time. The less the items you have the less efforts you have to put, therefore get rid of the items as much as you can.

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