Are LED Lights brighter than Fluorescent?


Are LED lights brighter than fluorescent? This is one of the most common questions that come in the mind of each and every shopkeeper or homeowner whether they want to replace their fluorescent bulbs with LED or not. Undoubtedly, the answer is large YES because LEDs are more better than conventional fluorescent. Before starting the big discussion about why LEDs are more brighter than fluorescent bulbs, let us explain in detail what is LED light and What is fluorescent or CFL :

What is an LED light?

A light-emitting diode ( LED) is a semiconductor device which ejects light while an electric current is obtained via it. While the particles carrying the current( known as electrons and holes) link together within the semiconductor materials, the light is produced. As light is produced between the solid semiconductor materials, LEDs are stated as solid-state devices and the term solid-state lighting encompasses organic LEDs (OLEDs). However, here you can visit to buy LED Strip Outdoor Lights.

What is a Fluorescent light?

The lights which are basically emitted heated lights rays and related to types of gas-discharge light are called fluorescent light. CFL means Compact Fluorescent Light which is in a smaller size. By converting ultraviolet emissions with a fluorescent coating within the tube, the fluorescent lamps inside these lights produce light.

 How LEDs are brighter than fluorescent tubes?

The LED tube lights are markedly brighter than fluorescent light. To understand the reason why LED is brighter than fluorescent you must know that LEDs provide a unidirectional flow of light or eject light in a certain specific direction only. On the other hand, the incandescent and CFLs eject light in all directions, they have a definite spread of 360 degree.

The available ideal beam angles for LEDs range of 15, 30, 45,60, and 100 degrees as well as normal illumination, it is 120 and 180 degrees. Actually, a beam angle of 120 degrees or more is the most common LEDs available for normal illumination and they can be treated as any other CFL lamps. At present, the spread ( or beam angle) is directionally proportional to the division of light (lumens).

More beam angle or spread in case incandescent and CFLs will provoke more divisions of lumens, as a result, they naturally cause less brightness. The light ( CFLs and Incandescent) with a much higher beam angle gets distributed. On account of this, if your requirement is for spot lightening then you will need more number of these bulbs to install which means requiring greater power.

Hence, compared with any type of fluorescent light, LEDs will generate a lot of brightness in a unidirectional way even through the lumens per watt are the same. However, here you can visit to buy different LED High Bay Lights.

Why Should We replace the existing fluorescent lights with LED lights?

  • The LED lights economize more energy and have confirmed to be at least 70-80% more productive than fluorescent lights. In addition, you will be benefited to replace 2 fluorescent lights by a single T8 LED replacement tube.
  • The LED lights are designed to last for over 50,000 hours before they reach their final stage or endpoint. It is nearly double than the number of hours the fluorescent tubes can lead. You will have no experience with any kind of dark spots or flickering left at any of the inside areas.
  • Additionally, you never get any disclosure of any kind of harmful rays like UV/IV rays that can harm your eyes and can affect skin like allergies as well. When a homeowner or business owner wants to buy LED lights he/she always has to consider the best-LED light for their eyes as the light quality is an important feature.
  • LED lights have no toxic materials but fluorescent lights contain mercury. For this reason, you need to take additional care at the time of disposing of them. On the other hand, you can’t be worried about the LED lights since they are made using 100% recycled materials and can be disposed of later simply.

Therefore, it has been proved that LED lights are brighter than fluorescent light and why the homeowners are going to use LED light instead of fluorescent light as it is eco- friendly and saves more energy.

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