Are plastic microwave covers safe?

Microwave food covers are essential kitchen accessories. They will help your food to get warm in a better way so that you can get moisture food on the table. Moreover, we need a cover to warm the foods in the microwave so that no spilt of food can come out.

What do you use to cover the food while microwaving?You will get a thousand options in the market, but you need to choose a durable cover.It would be best if you chose high quality microwaved plastic covers which are made of non-toxic material.

Plastic microwave covers? But Are plastic microwave covers safe? Let’s discuss this issue in this article.

Are Plastic Microwave Covers Safe to Use?

Plastic microwave cover helps not to splatter food in the microwave. Many people use plastic cover in their house. But is it safe to use?

Better Safe than Sorry

Experts suggest that plastic covers should not touch food or should not make any contact with the food when it is heated. Chemicals can be leached from the plastic covers when it will be heated, so it is better to use it carefully. Please read the labels carefully before using it and cover your food with microwaves approved covers.

What is the problem with plastics?

Plastics are made of fossil fuels and some high chemicals to improve their capabilities and properties. Plastics and microwaves are a bad match for each other. Sometime you may fall in a trap and will use it in the microwave. But using plastic covers is bad for our health.

So whenever you buy any plastic microwaves, covers read the label carefully. Notice that is it mentioned “Microwave-safe” or not. While heating there can be leached from plastics on your food. But “Microwave-safe” plastics covers are created in the safer mode so that you can use it.

Some companies do not do any research for their plastic materials, but they attach a label “Microwave-safe”. Based on that loyal customer buy their product because they ensure that their products are safe to use.

What is the Solution?

Glass or ceramic covers should be used,and are always safe for your food in the microwave oven if you are asking for the ease solution you need to use these covers or can wrap your meal with a paper towel or wax paper. Sometimes you will find many plastics covers which are approved by the FDA for microwave use.


You may find different symbols attached to the covers like a triangle of an arrow. Do you have any idea, what is it? It means you can throw it away after using it once.

So buy carefully from the market of your microwave plastic covers. And make sure if you have these signs, then do not use it more than once or two times.

Sometimes the person in the shops will try to give a wrong speech, but you need to have a proper idea about what you are buying from the shop. Try to find the alternatives product of microwave plastic covers.

What are the alternative covers for microwaving?

Well!!Now you have got to know that plastic covers are not always safe in the microwave, you might be thinking alternative way to cover your food in the microwave. Here are some ideas:

Paper Towel

Paper towel help to prevent splattering and help to have more heating to the food. Foods like bacon and sandwiches, you can cover these foods by using paper towels. But please check the manufacturer details or information to use the paper towels in the microwave.

Papers which are contained nylon or nylon filament should notbe used in the microwave. Just be sure that you are using only white paper towels, not the colouredones. Otherwise, these will have a good lid on your food.

Waxed paper

The waxed paper helps for faster cooking in the microwave. You can cover fruits or foods like chicken, hamburger. These foods don’t need steaming so waxed paper can cover this food easily.

Glass cover

Can be used to microwave vegetables, meats and other foods. Glass covers help to moisture and steaming food in a good way. But it would be best if you were more follow more cautions while using glass covers to avoid burns.

While microwaving make sure that your food is well covered to control any possible splatter and keep moisture your food all the time.


It is better to cover your food while heating in the microwave. You will find plastic everywhere from wrapping your food to using a plastic bag. People use a plastic cover for their food from splattering foods in the microwave

But a question will always be asked by the users that “are plastic microwave covers safe?” If you have better ideas of using it, then you will not face any problems. Usually,it would be best if you bought “Microwave-safe” plastic covers to have a healthy meal.Do not worry so much if you have not got the plastic covers.