Bergara 300 win mag review


The Bergara B14 rifle is one of the most powerful and feature-heavy rifles in recent years. It’s bringing in some unique ideas, such an intelligent stock design, as well as thermal stability and great recoil system designed to keep you focused on your shot. The unit itself first appeared at BSS 2018 and it does have the same differences and build when you compare a short action rifle to a Remington 700. It has a different bolt travel, as well as a single stack magazine with 5 rounds.

Amazing features and great stability

You can use a 26″ Nr 5 profile barrel, which helps bring in a very good velocity. The cartridge uses around 80g of powder and the .30 cal bullets can be sent at around 3000 feet per second. As soon as we started the Bergara 300 win mag review, we were amazed with the efficiency and quality provided by this unit.

It’s also important to note that the stock is made out of injection-molded polymer. Thanks to the vertical grip design, it’s very easy to adjust and it delivers great ergonomics. They also have a cheeckpiece that you can adjust and lock in place. You even get marking lines to see and improve the positioning in an adequate and dependable manner.

Shooting the Bergara 300 win mag

What we noticed while shooting is that you can shoot either with the thumb up or you can wrap it around its vertical pistol grip. There are 3 spacers, 10mm each, and they are all designed to adjust the length of pull. That’s between 365 and 335 mm, so you have plenty of adjustment. We had a great time shooting this unit, because you get immediate access to the single stage trigger. You can stay relaxed as you focus on your aim. It is essential to keep a good quality scope for perfect shooting. So professional hunters always prefer Gunkitpro’s 300 win mag scope reviews for choosing their rifle scope.

Another thing to consider regarding the Bergara 300 win mag is that it has a twin lug bolt that will open at around 90 degrees. It helps cycle the action and the bolt handle speeds up the processing. Cases were thrown at around 30 cm laterally from the gun. It’s great because you have control over where they go, plus the ejection process itself is very delicate.

It’s important to keep in mind that every round is acquired from the magazine and then it’s push-fed to the chamber. The system is seamless and convenient, and it all happens adequately, without having to worry about any downsides. If you are interested in getting this unit for some long range culling, it works really well. The ammo was not cloverleafing, but the gun can get quite hot after doing 20 round strings, and that’s in chilling conditions.


The Bergara 300 win mag has 4.6 kg, so it’s not that heavy to begin with. You will need to add an extra 2.5 kg for a scope, moderator, bipod and mounts. At around 7 kg, you have all you need and the entire system is ready to go. When it comes to performance, during our Bergara 300 win mag review we noticed that the unit is very accurate and a pleasure to use. It’s extremely easy to adapt to your requirements, and it has outstanding quality for the money. You should consider giving it a try if you want a reliable, very high quality gun for long range shooting!

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