Best decorating ideas for wedding in 2021


Today’s wedding decoration trends are moving towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. You won’t believe your eyes when you see these astounding decoration ideas that will help you to make this unique day unforgettable!

If used correctly, any trendy design idea, from a boutonniere style to a huge creative arch made of fresh flowers, decorative greenery, and bright air-filled balloons like these will make your wedding stand out.

Check out these 2021 wedding decoration ideas!

1. Balloon decoration

Modern balloons are so versatile (the main trend of the season is gold dipped balloons!) that they had already taken their rightful place in the world of wedding decor. Balloons can be perfectly combined with garlands, fresh or dried flowers, greenery, and fabric, helping to create unique arches and themed centerpieces.

Topiaries made from balloons are another trendy wedding decoration idea. By combining them with fresh flowers and greenery, you will get wonderful fairy trees.

Also, you can opt for balloon pillars to create wonderful decorations for the entrance, wedding reception, photo zone, stage, or even the dance floor. Add some floral garlands or wreaths to your pillars to create a wholesome look!

2. Luxurious fabrics

Fashion experts recommend using luxurious fabrics everywhere: creating the bride’s image, draperies of the background of the newlyweds’ table, romantic arches, and tablecloth linens for table decoration.

3. Floristics

Check out these top 2021 wedding floristic trends:

  • “oversize” concept: this applies to almost everything — from central compositions on the tables to bride’s bouquet;
  • garlands of greens & hanging flower decor: use wisteria or tillandsia flowers, ivy or eucalyptus hanging low from the ceiling, try various flower arrangements, to decorate the ceremony and reception spaces, wedding arch, tables and chairs;
  • floral-draped arbors: use floral wires and some of the same blooms used in your bridal bouquet throughout the arrangements for a cohesive look;
  • floral balloon tails: attach greenery and dip-dyed baby’s breath to balloon strings to make these beautiful hanging garlands.

4. “NON-arches”

In the new wedding season, the concept of “arch” will become even more conventional.

Typical arches will be replaced by symbolic objects that divide the space in the interior: garlands and backgrounds, hanging decor, furnishings, and interior details.

5. Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters will help you to draw attention to a particular object or space, give a hint to guests, or just leave them a message. Huge glowing letters look really spectacular and very impressive.

6. Beautiful lighting

Create large installations from bulbs and garlands: for example, a curtain or a tunnel. Antique candelabra, floor lamps, chandeliers are in trend — the more you get, the better!

You can create magical lighting decorations in the form of rain shower lights, curtain string lights, or neon signs.

7. Draped ceilings

Decorated ceilings add charm, luxury and comfort to any space. White shades are OK for a formal wedding; but to create an avant-garde look, you will have to experiment with different colors.

For creating a rustic finish, simply hang glowing garlands over your drapery: it will help to create soft, pleasant light.

8. 70’s style decor

Macrame, wooden accessories (including beads), rattan wickerwork (poufs, sofas, tables) are extremely popular today! The Moroccan theme, with luxurious carpets and cushions for sitting on the floor, paintings, and other decoration ideas with oriental patterns is also on top.

9. The color of happiness

To make these original ideas look really perfect, choose the bright, trendy colors of 2021: greens of primroses, bright exotic colors, and the blueness of seawater. But the main trend of the season is the shades of yellow: mustard, hazel, ocher.


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