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On a daily basis people of all ages have to touch areas that is commonly touched by others such as shopping carts, phones, door handles, elevator buttons, and more surfaces that will carry billions of microbes that could transfer diseases or cause harm. It is especially important to be careful when touching such surfaces during seasons such as the flu.

To prevent yourself and others from getting sick through touching surfaces that contain harmful microbes you must wash your hands with soap and water multiple times a day for at least 20 seconds to ensure that you are cleaning underneath your fingernails, the back of your hands, and between your fingers.

Unfortunately, soap and water may not always be available to use everywhere you go. Using a hand sanitizer to replace washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself from getting sick.

Certain bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi can easily spread diseases and infections from one person to the other. It’s important to take extra precautions to kill these germs and help your immune system to fight them.

Hand sanitizers will kill germs

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which has been used to disinfect and kill germs since 1888. In order to make sure that the hand sanitizer you are using is doing its job, you must purchase alcohol-based sanitizers that contain 60% to 95% alcohol for it to be effective.

Once the bacteria are exposed to alcohol it begins to go through a process called denaturation. The bacteria’s molecules loses its structure after the alcohol’s molecules bond with it, which leads it to falling apart and allowing the alcohol to dive in deeper to the cell. When the alcohol molecules reach the center of the cell it starts to make it dissolve and it will kill the protein functions that make the bacteria live.

Generally, companies that make hand sanitizers will use ethanol to kill a large number of germs, viruses, and infections such as herpes and the flu. Some may include additives to moisturize the skin or create a different consistency such as aloe vera.

How to use hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a great alternative when soap and water are not available, but it is crucial to use it the proper way. People often use hand sanitizers incorrectly by placing an amount that is to small to cover all the areas on their hands, and they do not spread it far enough to the back of the hand or up to the wrist.

To use hand sanitizers the way the CDC recommends, you must apply a decent amount or as directed by the product on the palm of one hand. Begin to rub it all over the hand, between the fingers, on the back of your hand, and around the wrists until the sanitizer is dry. The process of using hand sanitizers properly should take the same amount of time as hand washing, which is 20 seconds. It’s essential to not wipe the hand sanitizer with anything or it will not be effective.

Other things to consider when using hand sanitizers on a daily basis is keeping it away from children, as the alcohol could lead to poisoning if some of it is swallowed. In general, hand sanitizers are not harmful to your health, but it can make the skin irritated when used too much. The drying can cause the skin to crack, bleed, and develop conditions such as eczema. If you have such skin conditions or have a tendency to develop them, it’s best to use hand sanitizers that contain moisturizing ingredients or immediately follow it with a calming hand moisturizer.

Hand sanitizers have an expiration date

People will frequently forget that items such as disinfectant and hand sanitizers have an expiration date, much like the food we eat. The most common expiration date for a hand sanitizer is three years for unopened bottles, but as soon as you squeeze an amount onto your hand the alcohol will lose its effectiveness.

When a bottle of hand sanitizer is open, the alcohol inside it begins to evaporate over time. Purchasing a bottle with 60% concentration and above of alcohol is important due to such evaporation. Since the Food and Drug Administration regulate them, each hand sanitizer getting manufactured will have an expiration date printed on the bottle.

If an expired bottle of hand sanitizer is your only option in certain situations, you are better off using it when soap and water are not available.

Hand sanitizers do not replace soap and water

Researchers have found that people choose using hand sanitizers over washing their hands at home and doing so is not a great way to kill viruses. It’s important to note that choosing to use hand sanitizers instead of washing your hands will not be safer for you, as the CDC says that soap and water is best way to protect yourself.  Also consider options like ASSAINISSEMENT ÎLE DE FRANCE as well.

Soap and water will kill and physically remove bacteria from the skin, while hand sanitizers only kills them. Soap contains surfactants that will dissolve microbes and lifts all kinds of dirt from the skin.

The soap will also kill any microbes that the hand sanitizer was not effective at killing them. Soap and water is the best way to fight off germs and hand sanitizers must not replace it when you have access to it.

The best hand sanitizers you can buy:

1. Purell Advanced Aloe Scent Hand Sanitizer

Purell Advanced hand sanitizers contain 70% ethyl alcohol, which makes it effective in killing 99.9% of germs. It is known as the best company to manufacture hand sanitizers and many hospitals rely on Purell to keep everyone safe.

This hand sanitizer is great for people with sensitive skin, as this gel formula contains moisturizing factors such as aloe vera and vitamin E to protect your skin from developing eczema or cracking the surface from excessive drying.

Purell Advanced’s formula provides customers with 70% ethyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of microbes. It is also free of preservatives that can harm the skin such as parabens and phthalates. Many users with sensitive skin have shared rave reviews about this hand sanitizer not causing any type itchiness or irritation.

You can purchase Purell Advanced hand sanitizers in a pump bottle or travel sized at your local pharmacy or online.

2. Highmark Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera

Highmark Advanced Hand Sanitizer contains 65% of ethyl alcohol to kill germs without harming sensitive skin. Much like Purell, it comes with a hand softening formula of aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize the skin.

It is highly effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria while providing a fresh scent when used to kill germs that cause diseases. Highmark Advanced is available with a pump to use at your desk at work or place it in the bathroom and a 59ml travel size bottle to carry with you everywhere you go.

The aloe vera advanced formula will lock in the moisture from the vitamin E. It is also fast drying and will leave your skin sanitized, soft, and fresh scented.

3. Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer

Touchland is the best hand sanitizer to use if you are looking for hydrating and amazing scents. This fragrant sanitizer is packaged in a modern container that can be carried around everywhere with you and it is TSA approved.

This formula was tested by dermatologists to ensure that is gentle on skin and will leave it feeling soft all day. The packaging of this hand sanitizer as a mist will allow the sanitizer to be spread around evenly on the skin to kill 99.99% of germs. It also includes a blend of aloe vera and essential oils to provide a refreshing smell.

Each bottle of Touchland Power Mist has over 500 spritzes that won’t cause a sticky feeling or smell strongly of alcohol. Simply spray 2-3 times all over the hands and rub it until it is completely dry. It comes in different smells such as citrus, lavender, watermelon, aloe vera, and neutral if you are not a fan of fragrance.

Touchland Power Mist is free of parabens and tricolsan, and it is cruely-free, as well as vegan.

4. 100% Pure Hand Sanitizing Spray

100% Pure Hand Sanitizing Spray is a plant-based sanitizer that will kill bacteria with 62% of ethyl alcohol. This hand sanitizer is gluten-free and vegan that is made with only four ingredients, which are ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, tea tree leaf oil, and glycerin.

It is fast drying and hydrating for sensitive skin to ensure that your hands are soft without causing a sticky residue.

5. Public Goods Hand Sanitizer

This gentle hand sanitizer contains 62% ethyl alcohol solution that will kill germs and provide moisturized hands thanks to glycerin and aloe vera. It is free of harsh chemicals such as triclosan and benzalkonium chloride.

Public Goods comes in a 12 oz. size bottle that will last long and can be carried anywhere to provide clean and fresh hands anytime.

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