Effective Ways to Theft-Proof Your Bike


Theft is one of the biggest concerns cyclists worry about every time they leave their bikes in a public place. Bicycles are one of the few items that are easy to take around but are too large to take indoors. So, keeping them from being taken away by unwanted individuals will have to be something you’re going to have to do on your own.

Around the world, stolen bikes ranking up with nearly half a million of reported incidents yearly. This figure is not to discourage eco-friendly commuters, but an indication that it is a prevalent problem with some viable solutions available. Here are some tips to effectively protect your bike from thieves:

1. Use Reliable Locks

This is your basic and foremost protection from bike-theft. But using cable locks or standard mechanisms will just be easy pickings for an experienced thief. Choosing the right bike lock will take a lot of the worry from your mind when you park your bicycle outdoors. There are a lot of available locks in the market today, but choosing the right one can be a little tricky. What’s important is that it is robust and secure as well as easy to use for your daily errands.

Here are some tips when locking your bikes:

  • Don’t just lock the frame. It can be easy for thieves with the right tools to take out both of the wheels and leave you to carry the frame home. Use two U-locks to secure both wheels and the frame.
  • You can also use a different lock for the second one. It can make it difficult for vandals to remove the locks since they will have to use two sets of tools to pry open both of them.

2. Park Only In Safe Places

Avoid parking in crowded places as well as in isolated spaces. Places packed with people will have a less chance for anyone to report or address an incident taking place, this is called the “bystander effect”.

The best place to secure your bike is an exposed area where there is high-foot traffic and preferably someplace where there are security cameras at the parking bay.

3. If Possible Park Them Indoors

If you can take your bike indoors, then, by all means, take them with you. This tip generally applies when you live in apartments or residential areas where nobody is going to say anything about bringing your bicycle into your home. You can use bike storage solutions available to protect your home floors from damages.

If Possible Park Them Indoors

4. Register Your Bike

This is a very simple precaution to take when protecting your bike from theft. In an event when your bike gets stolen, the authorities will find it easier to recover and return it to you via the unique code. Some will also provide you with warning stickers to discourage would-be perpetrators from targeting your bike.

5. Use a Gps Tracker

To further help authorities in recovering your bike, you might want to install a GPS tracker onto it. These trackers look like ordinary accessories like a bike light, top cap, or other items to conceal their advanced tech which transmits a GPS signal to help you locate your bike.

Prevention is always better and more cost-effective than being sorry. By following these simple tips, you will be able to minimize the chances of perpetrators from having their way with your bicycle. Avid cyclists put a lot of their resources in their two-wheelers so, investing in its protection would be the sound next step.

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