Best pianos for entry level pianists


There are plenty of piano options suitable for different purposes. If you are choosing one for entry level pianists, these pianos in this article are what you might be looking for.

Things entry level pianists need to consider before buying a piano

So what features do entry level pianists need to look for in a piano? First, you need to consider age when choosing or buying a piano for beginners. For example, pianos with full scale sized keys might be suitable for adults while juniors might want something smaller. However, many people believe that young learners should start with the full sized instrument in order not to slow down progress as they transition. Just make sure to hire experts when moving a piano bigger than you.

Additionally, it depends on whether you intend to have or already have lessons from a tutor or you are in an educational setting, you might want a piano with weighted keys and pedals so that it is easier to practice at home. On the other hand, if you have a budget, a full-size keyboard may be a sufficient choice.

The best pianos for entry level pianists

Now it is time to check out the list!

1. Casio SA76

The Casio SA76 is a low budget option/

Casio SA76 is the first one on the list. It is also a low budget option with a miniature size to match its minimalist price tag. Although it is not very ideal for entry level pianists to practice on a 44 key scale sized keyboard, but a lot of parents are purchasing it for young instrumental learners. As they have smaller hands, they need relatively sized keys. Also, not many parents are willing to buy a brand new piano.

The Casio SA76 is a cheap and cheerful option for entry level pianists. Using it, a child can progress to something better in the future. This piano also has a super-small footprint which hides 100 built-in sounds, 50 drum beats and 5 drum pads. Aside from that, it comes with 10 songs for you to teach yourself. Moreover, it has notes on the display which helps users to learn notation.

You should buy this Casio SA76 because it is a cheap choice, it is built in songbook, and it is also ideal for smaller hands. Additionally, it is one top contender for best keyboard to learn piano. The small size makes it perfect for junior entry level pianists to begin and harness their skills with.

2. Lagrima 88 Key

This piano is the best beginner piano/

The Lagrima is a desirable digital piano with 88 keys akin to the Yamaha, makes for a superb solution to piano practice requirements. It has a more traditional acoustic appearance thanks to a stand. Using this piano makes it easier for learning because of its multi-track function. In particular, you can use the teaching function for left or right hand play separately or together. In addition to that, its features and functions are exceptionally impressive. It features chord function for fingering practice. Also, there are DSP effects including reverb chorus chord and dual tones and it contains over 80 demo songs as well as 960 tones.

Moreover, depending on the strength of the keys which are played with, if you use the touch switch, the playing expression will vary the volume. The piano also has 3 pedals, including the sustaining pedal, the soft pedal, and the sostenuto pedal to mimic acoustic piano damper effects. It also contains USB/MIDI terminal.

In conclusion, this piano is the perfect choice for entry level pianists because it is a relatively realistic digital piano, it has pedals and teaching mode, making it a shining example of the best beginner piano with an affordable price.

3. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

You can quickly improve your playing with this Alesis Recital/

This piano has been designed for entry level pianists. As a beginner, using this Alesis Recital is a good idea because it has handy features that will help you to quickly improve your piano playing. It also has the Lesson Mode program which is very innovative and can help you learn the right keys.

Along with those good functions, this piano also has five different voices. They are electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, synth, and bass. As an entry level pianist, you can experiment with tone. In addition to that, it has 88 semi-weighted, full-size keys for you to play. And these keys feel as natural as you are playing on a grand piano. In summary, this Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano has a lot of good features for entry level pianists, including five voices, Lesson Mode, 88 semi-weighted, full-size keys, 20-watt speakers, and a headphone output. It offers a lot of handy functions to improve your playing.

4. Hamzer 61-key

The Hamzer 61-key has a very affordable price/

This piano is one of the best options for entry level pianist. It also has a very affordable price. As you can see from the name of it, the Hamzer 61-key provides 61 keys, which is just under a full size. It is also more of a keyboard option. When it comes to the action, the piano features no-frills but the keys are fairly touched responsive. Given it is one of the most affordably priced choices from Hamzer, it still makes for the ideal budget option for learning to play piano. However, if you want to make a transition to an acoustic piano, it will be noticeably different.

The most beneficial features that this piano offers is its integrated learning system. With that being said, entry level pianists can learn to play or practice without a tutor. In addition to that, the Hamzer 61-key comes with a stand and seat and music sheet holder. It even has a microphone to use for its record and playback function. It also contains 255 timbres and 255 rhythms, 61 percussive keys as well as 24 demo songs.

In conclusion, the reasons why you should choose this piano are because it offers a low price, it is built in learning system for multi fingerings and it has record function. Also, the learning system feature is very valuable. Learning piano has never been more accessible for the masses with this Hamzer 61-key.

5. RockJam 54-Key

This piano is easily portable/

The last piano on this list is another top choice of digital piano for entry level pianists. This is a shorter scale with small 54 key option, each key is sturdy and full sized. One of its advantages is easily portable. Because of its multiple teaching modes, the RockJam 54-Key is a perfect choice for entry level pianists. Chords and notes are clearly displayed on the user-friendly LCD screen.

From William’s piano guide, the piano also features 100 keyboard tones and rhythms with 8 demo songs. If you want more songs, you can get access to the piano maestro android App. The song library content covers lots of genres from pop and rock to soundtracks and classical pieces. The reason why you should choose this RockJam 54-Key is because of its low cost, it has teaching mode and additional app learning content. It is an ideal choice of digital piano and a decent compact option for entry level pianists.

It is best to choose a digital one to begin with. But it is also wise to wait until you are sure about your progress then buy a piano. It is never too late to own one when you know that you have a passion for playing piano and want to be excellent at it just like Billy Joel who is one of the most famous pianists and singer-songwriters in the 80s.

Although there are a lot of digital options in the market, we hope our list can help you narrow down your choices. If you want more guide and instructions about piano and other musical instrument, check out the website Fire Inside Music.

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