The favourites for taking EURO 2020 title and the Golden Boot award


Euro 2020 will be the main football event for all the punters around the world during the next summer. Unlike previous editions, it is going to be a bit different, because the tournament will take place all over the continent, to be exact in 12 countries.

As for the competition itself, it promises to be one of the most exciting so far, with several nations aiming the European throne. Also, the format with several host nations will spice up things a little bit, and no doubt bring something new. All the information regarding the venues, matches, schedule along with various other data are easily accessible at Euro 2020 betting guide and previews from It will no doubt make your life much easier.

The biggest favourites are England with the odds 11/2 and France at 13/2. Belgium 7/1, and the Netherlands 15/2 are slightly behind, but they too are top contenders. Germany will try to reach its previous heights, and die Mannschaft is the fifth favourite 9/1. Spain is also at 9/1, while the reigning European champions, Portugal, way behind in the list with 16/1 odds for defending the crown.

It appears that the bookmakers are not convinced in their abilities although Cristiano Ronaldo and the boys won UEFA Nations League defeating all of their opponents.

England is the ideal pick for many not only because they have one of the best teams in Europe, but also due to the fact, that the semifinals and the finals take place at Wembley, and that will for sure be of massive help for Gareth Southgate’s crew. London is one of the most interesting places in the world, and is also the center of footbal madness in UK.

Belgium has a team with all the vital players in their prime. So far the Devils have been considered a dark horse, but it appears that the time has come for them to show are they capable of winning some trophy or be just an excellent team. As for the Netherlands, their rise is meteoric, and after a disastrous World Cup qualifiers, something just snapped in their heads, making Van Dijk and the rest of the guys unstoppable.

Apart from the battle for the best football nation in Europe, we’ll also witness a fantastic race for EURO’s Golden Boot.

We felt chills just by looking at the top four candidates. Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo share the same odds for taking this individual award – 9/1, Romelu Lukaku is second with 10/1, and Kylian Mbappe sits at 11/1. Truly fascinating, and we haven’t even seen the rest of the list. Memphis Depay is next 14/1, Alvaro Morata follows him at 16/1, while Antoine Griezmann’s win is priced with 20/1.

Betting on each one of them is logical for many reasons. Kane is the penalty taker in England and one of the most prolific finishers in the last decade. We don’t want to spare any words on Ronaldo’s qualities, because we all know the level of his play.

Regarding Lukaku, the Belgian striker resurrected his career since joining Inter Milan and is terrorizing the goalkeepers in all the competitions. Mbappe is the world champ, and arguably the most talented striker on the planet who still hasn’t reached his full potential.

After seeing all this, and adding many other pieces of information we haven’t mentioned, it is easy to guess that the EURO 2020 will definitely be a spectacle of its own.

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