Best Prank Calling Apps

We can all appreciate a well thought out prank, even if we are the receiving end. Although Prank calls are still an amusing way to play practical jokes on your buds on a Saturday night, it’s sad to say that fewer and fewer folks do them.

Many people nowadays don’t take kindly to prank calls, and if you’ve left your caller ID exposed during one, it could leave you with a very angry knock on the door or just as bad a trip down your local police station.  

Enter: Prank Dial Apps

Over the last few years, prank dial apps have burst onto the scene with their unique features not only creating a better prank calling experience but also protecting users by keeping their caller details hidden.  

If you’re ready to exact revenge on someone using a prankster app, be sure to check out our list below!

Ownage Pranks

If you’re a fan of Ownage Pranks or are somewhat familiar with their work, then we’ve got a treat for you! 

Created by the geniuses who made the channel this app has prescripted pranks that are automated to send once you make a prank call.  

With an impressive collection of more than 100+ prerecordings available, every prank has something unique to offer. Prerecording examples include a pizza delivery driver insisting you made a large order or a disgruntled girlfriend telling you to stay away from her man. 

Prerecordings are also scripted to flow naturally during conversations; the app has an inbuilt AI algorithm which can recognize specific keywords and even detect silence. Prerecordings, therefore, can identify the correct times on when to pause and respond. 

The pranks available are not only intended to be hilarious and original but also smart enough to trick the recipient into thinking it’s a real human on the line. 

If you’re still unsure and want to see other users making prank calls, you can always visit the Ownage Pranks online community known as the ‘Hall of Fame’ on their website. 

This online community features the very best prank calls submitted regularly, here you will be able to see the very best reactions from all around the world!

Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

This voice changing app makes certain that your funniest prank call ideas are delivered perfectly, letting you make voice modifications and giving you a new speaking voice during a phone call.

A great feature this app provides that others don’t is a live demo call, instead of creating recording beforehand to hear your voice altered you will be able to listen to your voice change as you speak. 

FunCalls also have a nice variety of voice modifications and sound effects to choose from, while it doesn’t offer the most voice options among similar apps today it’s not bad either.

It’s most extreme Voice mods include Helium balloon (very high voice) and Scary sound (very low voice). 

Sound effects are Wolf, Moo, Dog, Boom, Monkey and a few others.

It’s quite a versatile app as not only will you be able to prank others in your area but with their international calling system, prank calls can be done all over the world. 

Fake Call & SMS

Other than being a great prank dial app Fake Call & SMS is the only recommendation on our list that has excellent real-world applications too. Efficient and extremely easy to use Fake Call & SMS lets you activate a fake incoming call or SMS to your phone instantly. 

Particularly useful for getting out of dull meetings all you’ll need to do is schedule an incoming call to ring you. After engaging in your imaginary conversation, proceed to tell your colleagues that you’re required elsewhere, giving a credible excuse beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Organizing Fake calls and text messages is very flexible, while most fake incoming call apps require incoming calls to be immediate this lets you plan them at later times of the day. 

Call logs are also displayed, which shows the dates and duration of every incoming call.

Another customizable feature lets you assign individual profiles to your fake callers, by giving them a fake number, picture and name you can trick others into thinking someone they know is calling while providing physical proof. 

Fake Call & SMS stands out as one of the best in the field because it provides the complete package. While most similar apps lack one feature or another, i.e. a lack of customization for your fake callers, this has it all.