Best Travel Tips For A World Traveler


Traveling with the company is much fun – traveling with a friend, partner, or even an (unknown) group can be just as cool. You share experiences, get to know each other or meet new people in other ways. But the super cool thing is traveling alone. It gives you a daring adventure where you will learn a hell of a lot of things. If you are planning to go for a world trip, then the tips I will give here are a must-read, as they will help you have a better and more fun-filled adventure.

Remember, traveling alone is not scary. As a traveler, you are never really alone. You meet fellow travelers and locals almost everywhere; you can join group tours or go out alone. Yes, you will undoubtedly miss someone to share your experiences with, but on the other hand, isn’t it extra special that you are undertaking something on your own?

Now let’s move on to a list of best travel tips for a world traveler.

Book at the right time

The best deals seem to be booked on Tuesdays (airlines often announce their offers on Monday evenings). Didn’t find a good deal? Sunday seems to be the second-best day to book your airline tickets. Also, it can be interesting to check last-minute offers: airlines are known for lowering prices at the last minute when the plane is not full enough. So if you are planning for a world trip, first watch out for the ticket prices discounts.  Also, you can prefer flight cases that make your trip more easier and enjoyable.

Find out about visas and other travel requirements in time

Nothing is more annoying than being refused at customs because you don’t have the correct papers or vaccinations. Try to find out whether you need to arrange something for the destination you will visit priorly.

And, not unimportantly, keep an eye on the validity of your passport. Travel insurance is also not a bad idea; it could just be that your flight is canceled, and then you want to have a chance of being reimbursed for any additional costs.

Also, make a copy of your passport and visa in advance or take a photo of the documents on your smartphone: they can be useful to you on your trip. But it is better to leave the originals in the safe of the hotel or hostel for the entire trip.

Take a taxi service

If you visit any famous tourist place, e.g., Paris, it is recommended to take a taxi in Paris because public transport is mostly crowded. So taking a taxi service can help you relax while traveling in your favorite place.

Pack light

Don’t bring too much luggage. The chances are that you will not put on those extra shirts, dresses or sweaters at all. Of course, you need to bring the right clothes for your destination, but are you sure you need three party dresses, four pairs of shoes and those five pairs of shorts are important?

Instead, opt for a small or medium-sized suitcase, either a soft or a hard case, which will urge you to pack less. A suitcase with a soft shell is a great choice for world travelers due to its lightweight and elasticity, which allows it to fit more items than hard shell luggage. Soft shell luggage is also more flexible and can be squeezed into tight spaces, such as overhead compartments. However, hard shell luggage offers better protection for fragile items and is generally more durable. The choice is yours!

Meet locals

Try to avoid other travelers now and then and get to know the locals even if you are somewhere in a country where you cannot understand a word of the local language, with hands and feet and basic English, you will soon come a long way. People often enrich your travels more than sightseeing and will undoubtedly provide special encounters and memories. Also, investing in the local economy is of vital importance for the residents in many countries.

Stay charged

In today’s digital age, traveling without chargers is out of the question. Yet you forget these more often than you think. So always check whether you have the right chargers and, if necessary, one or two world plugs with you. Power banks and a power strip can also be useful if you want to charge many devices simultaneously. Also, keep an eye on the ‘travel light’ principle.

Don’t forget your medication

Standard medication such as paracetamol is often readily available abroad. Nevertheless, it is useful to bring your medicines. ORS, ibuprofen and travel pills if you are afflicted with both wanderlust and motion sickness.

Download offline map before traveling

Upload the address of your rental property in advance on Google maps street view or Maps me. This way, you can find out what is nearby (shops, parking lots, etc.) and get your bearings faster upon arrival.

Also, download the map and put placemarks on the map of the place/region where you are going. Check out useful tips from other tourists and save attractions, restaurants, photo locations and other places you want to visit on the map.

Checkout the public holidays of the countries you are visiting – Different countries have their own religious and public holidays, affecting your trip. In some cases, hotel prices may be higher than on normal days. Also, the holidays can affect the opening hours of popular tourist destinations and even the sale of alcohol. However, they will make your trip more interesting, as festivals, celebrations and concerts are held in honor of the holidays.


Did you find these tips useful? I hope you did. Please share this article about the Best travel tips for a world traveler with your friends who are planning for a world trip. Let me know the travel tips you would recommend to me in the comment section.

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