Blood Type…Coffee – What Kind of Coffee Drinker Are You?


With a Starbucks around every city block and coffee chains catchy slogans, it is no real shock that people love their coffee.  Some need it as a little pick-me-up after a long day, while others cannot function until they’ve had their first cup. 

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you probably also know that the different types of coffee drinkers go much deeper than simply “coffee drinker” or “non-coffee drinker.”

Your average cup of joe

Someone who enjoys the simple pleasures in life.  All they really need is a cup of joe, some creamer or milk and sugar.  They more than likely own their own coffee maker or Keurig machine, occasionally treating themselves to a latte.  Once they have their one or two cups of coffee in the morning, they are able to tell themselves “Let’s do this”.  They are then ready to take on anything life throws at them whether it is a dreadful final or an important meeting with the boss.

Sugar fanatic

They like to drink “coffee”.  But really their drink is about 95 percent sugar and creamer/milk with just a tiny splash of coffee.  They think and believe Frappuccinos as an excuse to have a milkshake for breakfast and drink your dessert in the forms of pumpkin spice lattes and white chocolate mochas.  The Starbucks opening on their campus or down the street from their place of work has only enabled them access to their favorite sugary concoctions.

“No milk, no sugar, just black please”

Cars need fuel to get their engines running, without it your vehicle would just remain stationary in your driveway unable to feel the open road beneath its tires.  Well, there are people in the world who view coffee as the equivalent of fuel, and it gets their engines running alright. They are always on the lookout for the nearest source.  Caffeine is caffeine and they don’t discriminate. They probably find themselves with a packed schedule with meetings, papers, or errands. And frequently have night shifts or pull all-nighters. Perhaps, they even enjoy the bitter taste of hot bean water.  Hey, I’m not here to pass judgement.  

Coffee connoisseur

They are the ones to swear on the superiority of the French press over the drip coffee maker. They more than likely order premium roasts from Jamaica and are intrigued by the Kopi Luwak coffee made from coffee beans digested by the Indonesian civet cat.  Yes, that’s right, you read that right. They would never be caught dead consuming coffee from a coffee chain (now that would just be a tragedy) and frown upon those “basic” Starbucks lovers. They most likely have been considering buying an espresso machine for quite some time now.  Or they already have one on their kitchen counter. 

Half and half, the best of both worlds

These people equally enjoy both coffee and tea and are unable to commit to the titles of a “coffee person” or a “tea drinker.” Usually their favorite drink is a dirty chai tea latte in order to have the best of both worlds. 

Coffee drinkers also fall into one of three major groups based on their caffeine sensitivity.  According to coffee enthusiasts from Coffee in My Veins, a person’s response to caffeine is likely determined by two main genetic factors.  Whether their liver can metabolize caffeine fast or slow, and whether they carry a genetic variation that makes their central nervous system more sensitive to caffeine’s stimulating effect.

There are three levels of caffeine sensitivity.  

  • High sensitivity to caffeine – Slow-metabolism in the liver and high binding in the central nervous system. Even small amounts of caffeine will cause a stimulating effect and higher doses may cause sleep problems.
  • Regular sensitivity to caffeine – The balance between caffeine inactivation in the liver and binding in the central nervous system means that the individual can typically drink 2-5 cups of coffee during the day without adverse reactions or sleep disturbances. Caffeine is normally not recommended in the evening, but each person’s differences prevail, This is common in most people.
  • Low sensitivity to caffeine – Fast-metabolizers of caffeine. Higher intakes can be consumed.  Coffee drinking before bedtime or after a certain time does not typically disturb sleep. An individual with low sensitivity to caffeine probably will not experience the typically desired effects of caffeine.  

Some people may find yourself in more than one category, and that’s definitely possible.  We are all united by our love for the coffee bean, regardless of how we take our coffee and the different shapes and forms it may come in.

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