Murano Glass Chandeliers: A Timeless Elegance


First impressions are lasting and this is just as true for buildings as it is for people. When you step into a building, the atmosphere you experience helps to determine how you’ll respond in the environment. Nothing beats a beautiful interior space and of course, internal building fixtures help to improve the appeal of both commercial and residential spaces. Fixtures like Sogni Di Cristallo’s stylish modern chandeliers help to complete that décor vision while adding a splash of uniqueness.

The Murano Glass Method- a Tradition of Magnificence and Sophistication

Murano glass is an Italian tradition that dates way back to thousands of years ago with a history intertwined with the island Murano. It is one of the few artistic traditions that have endured the test of time and the numerous revolutions (industrial, economic, technological) that have changed the social and economic landscape of life on earth. But when you consider the sheer beauty of Murano art you’ll understand why it has outlived so many other art forms. 

Murano glass is the end result of a careful and technical process. In producing this fine work of art, glassmakers mould silica, potassium and lime in furnaces designed for this purpose. Thin strings of gold and sterling silver along with other minerals are then added while manipulating the glass, resulting in beautiful artistic designs. This meticulous process results in authentic Murano glass, which is simply spectacular to behold. Patterns blend into the beautiful glass putting on a show that rivals the most glamorous modern trinket.

Murano Glass the SogniDiCristallo Way

SogniDiCristallo is the world’s premiere provider of authentic Murano glass items. Their craftsmen have artfully merged the magnificence of traditionally crafted Murano glass with intricate modern and classic chandelier designs. This merger has resulted in the birth of a collection of spectacular products that bring a sophisticated flair and classic appeal to any room. The chandeliers range from vibrant and eclectic to chic and classy, making it easy for interior decorators to find the perfect fit for any theme.

The very nature of the Murano glass making process makes each piece unique and impossible to replicate. Customers, therefore, benefit from more than just an astonishingly beautiful product, they also become owners of a one of a kind chandelier. This is definitely a plus for those who have a taste for exceptional quality and a penchant for unique things as they can proudly boast of being the owners of the only version. Of course, the fact that each chandelier’s design is unique also makes each pretty special- a collector’s item if you will. The certificate of authenticity that accompanies each purchase offers customers a firm assurance of the quality of their acquisition.

For those who wish to travel back in time vicariously through the building’s interior décor, timeless pieces designed to reflect the style of historic antiques fit the bill. Those who seek a modern look won’t be disappointed either as the collection boasts a wide range of modern styles. 

Other Murano Glass Items

In addition to beautiful chandeliers, their collection includes a wide range of gorgeous venetian mirrors, vases and other murano glass items. These decorative items make great accent pieces for those who seek to improve the interior aesthetics of a building.

Convenient, worldwide shipping allows customers from around the world to experience first-hand the regal beauty exuded by genuine Venetian Murano glass. As a result, Italy’s magnificent gift is now one that the remainder of the world can share and enjoy.

The Impact of Murano Chandeliers

Chandeliers add beauty and sophistication to any room. Unlike many other decorative pieces, they also serve a useful purpose- to provide illumination. With the right chandelier, you can create the perfect focal point and bring the flair you seek into space.

When you step into a room decorated with a Murano glass chandelier, you won’t be able to resist its sheer beauty. Each piece tells a unique and awe-inspiring story that will captivate you even after one brief glance.

It is this magnetic beauty that has inspired thousands of businesses and homeowners around the world to opt for SognidiCristallo’s Murano glass chandeliers for their interior lighting and decorative needs.  These authentic Italian art pieces are proudly erected in hotels, ballrooms, shopping centers, restaurants and homes all around the world.

There is something deeply inspiring about the beauty of these one of a kind chandeliers. They represent a long and lasting tradition of excellence that has been carefully preserved and protected by Italian artisans who respect and value the contribution these pieces make to interior décor and cultural continuity.

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