Artist Profile: Pink Floyd

Formed in 1965 in London, Pink Floyd was a rock band that became popular from London’s underground music scene in the late ‘60s. Since then, the group became one of the most influential and commercially successful bans in the music industry. The band was initially composed of Roger Waters on bass, Nick … Read more

Artist Profile: Pete Townshend

Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend or popularly known as Pete Townshend was an English singer, guitarist, co-founder and leader of the band the Who. During his career that spans over 50 years, he became one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Pete Townshend wrote several newspaper and magazine articles, books, … Read more

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Born on March 26, 1994. Diana Ross is one of the most successful American singers and artists of all time. She became popular because she was the lead singer of the 1960 all-female vocal group, The Supremes. The girl group is one of Motown’s most successful artists and one of the best … Read more

The 1970s: Rock vs. Disco

Introduction to Classic Rock The 1960s: Rock Music Comes of Age The 1970s: Rock vs. Disco The 1980s: John Lennon, Classic Rock Radio Stations and MTV Best Selling Classic Rock Artists and Bands Classic Rock – Influence on Culture Artists and Bands Symbols Dress and Fashion Movies Quotes and Commentary on Classic … Read more

Introduction to GQ


Introduction GQ was an American disco and R&B group who scored a handful of hits on the disco and R&B charts throughout the 70s music era, and they continued their hitmaking prowess in the 1980s. These hits include “I Do Love You,” “Disco Nights (Rock-Freak),” and “Sad Girl,” all disco and oldies … Read more

Con Funk Shun

Con Funk Shun

Introduction Con Funk Shun is a funk and R&B band formed during the late 1960s. From a backup band, Con Funk Shun eventually came out on their own with their string of R&B chart hits during the 70s music era. Among their biggest hits are “Ffun,” which is now an obscure oldies … Read more

Introduction to Celebration (featuring Mike Love)

Mike Love

Introduction Celebration was a short-lived group formed by Beach Boys’ Mike Love during the 70s music era, as his side project. The band also consisted of members from the rock group King Harvest (known for their catchy hit “Dancing in the Moonlight”), among others. The group scored their only hit with “Almost … Read more

One-Hit Wonders: John and Ernest

John and Ernest

Introduction John & Ernest were another of those “one hit wonder” acts, who scored short-termed popularity via the Top 40 hit “Superfly Meets Shaft” in 1973.  The novelty duo comprised of John Free and Ernest Smith.  But no sooner after their second single “Soul President Number One” , which failed to chart, … Read more