Traverse City to Legoland: Michigan Attractions

Traverse City to Legoland Michigan Attractions

According to the world tourism report, in 2018, Michigan welcomed 125 million tourists and local visitors. Michigan is located in the upper western part of the United States and is known for its great water bodies and scenic attractions. Incoming tourists and visitors love spending and trotting the states of the US, … Read more

4 Things To Do Near the Saluda Mountains

Situated along the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, the Saluda Mountains are part of the Southern Appalachians and are home to a variety of state parks, rivers, and activities. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle of daily life and reconnect with nature, these activities will help you … Read more

Kenya Safari Travel Guide – Essential Tips for First Timers

Kenya Safari Travel Guide - Essential Tips for First Timers

Travelling to a new destination can be exciting or intimidating. It all depends on how you choose to look at it. However, the good news is that more often than not, being adequately prepared enables you to turn apprehension into excitement by giving you the confidence of knowing what to expect. As … Read more

Foods to Try When Visiting Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian soup Teleshko vareno

Bulgaria is perfect for holidays; it has beautiful national parks, picturesque monasteries, first-rate beaches, and exotic caves. And above all, it has cheap and delicious food, full of flavors. You can call Bulgaria a foodie-paradise where you can try plenty of Bulgarian food at a reasonable rate. Although Bulgarian food is not … Read more

Everything about Completing a US DS-160 Visa Form

Everything about Completing a US DS-160 Visa Form

Getting a non-immigrant visa to the U.S is impossible without a correctly filled out DS-160 form. To qualify for an interview you need to have a complaint questionnaire.  Follow these 5 easy steps on how to fill a DS-160 form to get a legitimate visa application ready in no time.  Pay the … Read more

A Short History of Greenland

Pictures of Greenland, c. 1863

The history of Greenland remains more or less the same. It is basically the history of life under extreme arctic conditions. An ice sheet, restricting human activity, covers more than 80% of the island. According to historians, the first people to inhabit Greenland arrived from North America.  Later, researchers also found out … Read more

The Mysterious Graves of Greenland

One of the last contemporary written mentions of the Norse Greenlanders records a marriage that took place in 1408 in the church of Hvalsey – today the best-preserved Nordic ruins in Greenland.

Greenland has been in the spotlight for many years. While tourists visit each year to explore this remote corner of the world but there is some fascinating history and mystery surrounding certain situations such as the mysterious graves of Greenland.  You do not expect to visit an ancient graveyard full of bodies … Read more

Some of the World’s Most Beautiful National Anthems

US national anthem at the 2016 USL playoffs

A national anthem sums up a country’s history, culture, and tradition. Despite only a few minutes long, national anthems have achieved a lot more than any other type of music you can think of. While most national anthems speak of fighting for independence, others sing praises for their leaders, while very few … Read more