Cafe New York – The Most Beautiful Cafe in the World

interior of new york palace budapest

For every coffee lover, “coffee is life.” However, only a few caffeinated souls are lucky to visit several cafes around the world, trying their unique specialty brews and eats. If you’re one of those lucky caffeinated souls, you may also be on a quest to visit the most beautiful cafes in the … Read more

Fascinating Pink Sand Beaches around the World

pink sand beach polynesia

White sand beaches are the most common. There are also beaches with gray, brown, and black sands. But pink sand beaches? Yes, they’re a thing. Only a few beaches have gorgeous pastel-hued sands that make the waters even bluer.  But where and how did these pink sand beaches get their color? Tiny, … Read more

Best Locations to Visit in India During Monsoon Season


A lot of tourists visit India during the summer or dry season, as they believe that the warm weather is more suitable for various locations in the country. But there are also places in India that look better during the monsoon season. In addition to looking better, the locations would also have … Read more

The Oldest Existing Libraries in the World

admont abbey library

Like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, every book lover dreams of stepping into a gigantic library to wander, explore, and lose themselves in browsing and reading books. Now, it’s no longer a fantasy because there are many libraries out there that have stood for centuries. They have retained much of their … Read more

Visiting Bristol ~ activities for stag dos

Visiting Bristol ~ activities for stag dos

Bristol, affectionately known to locals as ‘Brizzle’, is well known for its sea-faring history, sweeping Georgian terraces, music scene, nightlife and general cosmopolitan charm. Crowned as Britain’s first cycling city and renowned for its graffiti art, it’s also famous for its links with hot air ballooning, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the world-famous … Read more

The Best Thing in Each US State

mount rushmore

Every US state has a “thing” to be proud of. In these times of divisiveness and negativity, let us focus and celebrate the good things – we mean, the best things. These “things” can be great people, iconic food, a tradition, a sporting event, an activity, a natural phenomenon, breathtaking sights… anything … Read more

Types of Two-Person Hammocks

Mn, Usa, Minnesota

The hammock is derived from the Spanish word hamaca, which is related to the Haitian word for fishnet. The hammock is thought to have originated in South America, and Christopher Columbus introduced it to Spain during his 1492 voyage. There are also different types of hammocks that you can try. A standard … Read more