Hints to Win Wordscapes Game

Wordscapes is a word puzzle game created by PeopleFun, famous for Word Chumps and Adventure Smash. It is a game of crossword puzzle without clues. If you like to challenge yourself, you will surely love Wordscapes.

What is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is basically a free-to-play word puzzle game, but it incorporates a few unique features and designs that make it stand out from others.

The most exceptional thing about this game is that it is set against a peaceful backdrop of the ocean, a mountain or a forest to help the player “escape” as they enjoy the game. On each level of this game, the picturesque background changes.

One can play Wordscapes on Android or iOS devices anytime or every time (yes, it is that addictive). In this game, the player must find the words within a selection of letters in the shape of a wheel. Every word finds on the board connects to the next word, giving more and more clues.

How Does It Work?

This is actually quite a simple game if you are thinking about how to play. In this, there is a wheel of letters, and the challenge begins by extracting words from letters on the wheel or swipe the letters in different directions to form a word like anyone would do in an anagram.

In the crossword puzzle, blank places act as a guide to help the player complete the words; if the word is valid, one can move to the next round. It is a quick game as there are just a few words to find in each level.

And if someone gets stuck, there is an option of requesting a “hint.” Keep in mind: hints are not free; one has to pay with their coin each time they decide to ask for a hint. Power-ups are hints that came in four categories. The first one is the Bullseye hint, which gives the option to reveal a letter in any blank space of your choice. Lightbulb hint reveals an entire word.

The third is Spelling Bee, which unveils letters and drops some coins over the game’s most challenging words. And finally, Rocket Pops reveals a collection of letters in random order.

Three Ways to Beat the Level Quickly

As each level pass, the game becomes more challenging. This game is not about time, you are not penalized for taking your time, or points and coins are not deducted to try some nonsense words. Wordscapes has different rules; the following are a few tips to keep in mind so you can quickly get as far as possible in the game.

  1. When the player has the letters that are given, see if you figure out a word, especially a possible longest word. This helps to determine what other letter the individual have in the puzzle.
  2. The second thing that helps to pass level quickly is to add an “s.” Try making a singular word plural, as it may help out in the bonus round.
  3. The cleverest thing to beat the level quickly is to consider abbreviations. If one has experience in Scrabble, there are abbreviations in the dictionary that may be counted as their own word. Same as this, try abbreviations in Wordscapes such as “sub” or “demo.”

Is it Safe to Play Wordscapes?

Yes, it is perfectly safe; there is no inappropriate content or playing against others through chat on the app. It is a family-friendly game.

What Does Wordscapes Brilliance Mean?

The game tracks your progress, and it is called Wordscapes Brilliance. Individuals will earn more Wordscapes Brilliance when they play more words and beat more levels. This gives a big shiny sun on the starting screen; otherwise, the number doesn’t affect the play in any other way. It is simply a nice affirmation.

All about Wordscapes Coins

Like other free-to-play games, Wordscapes also has in-game currency. There are some hard ways to earn Wordscapes coins like playing bonus words (one coin per word), leveling up in the game (25 coins), and the last one is filling in the extra word (1 coin per letter).

The main purpose of coins that the player earns by these methods is to use them to help themselves like one can buy power-ups or more coins.

Different Ways to Earn Coins in Wordscapes

If you want more coins to level up in the game quickly, follow the tips and tricks mentioned below. These tips will help you earn more coins.

1. Tell Your Friends

Just by sending an email or texting someone about the game and then getting them to play Wordscapes, one can make 300 coins. For this, all you need to do is hit the little person icon on the menu page.

2. Watch a Video/Ad

At regular intervals in the game, the player can earn coins by watching a video. People usually call this “easy money.”

3. Play the Daily Puzzle

An individual can earn more coins by participating in daily puzzles. One also receives coins for every bonus word they get. So, solve more bonus words to get more coins.

4. Start with Bonus Word

The bonus word is not connected with the main game board. When the player comes across a bonus word, try to solve it first because it gives a coin. So, pay attention and try your luck.

5. Buy Them

You can also buy a coin; there are many options to buy depending on your budget.

Basics of Wordscapes

If this is your first time with Wordscapes, you need some basic guidance. Following are some tips that can help:

Go Extra

Wondering how to approach bigger puzzles and levels? Let’s start with a general strategy. In most of the cases in Wordscapes, levels come with an extra word that has a coin in every space. First, devote yourself to spell that word. You should try to solve some bonus words for more coins because, as you know, more coins mean more levels to play.

Use Shuffling

If you are stuck and struggling to make letter connections, there is a solution for you on your screen –the “shuffle button.” keep hitting the shuffle button until you see a pattern that makes sense. If the shuffle button turns the wheel of letters clockwise, this won’t help much. But eventually, you’ll see the difference as it does not lead the toy to a real word.

Make Long Words

In Wordscapes, the priority is to make long words. It gives the vision of the remaining word and helps the player determine the new strategy. Like any other puzzle game, this is also untimed, and every bonus word he or she spells is worth another coin.

Pluralize It

Most of the players do not believe how all the puzzles rely on adding an “S” to an already played word. It is even used in a devious double move or a bonus word that doesn’t occur in the singular. If you are lucky to have an S letter on your wheel, try to pluralize most things.

Number of Puzzles in Wordscapes

Wordscapes has over 6000 puzzles. Yes, one can play his favorite content and have some good old-fashioned wordsmithing. Many studies show that there could be brain benefits from playing crossword and puzzle games.


If you want to achieve more coins and quickly pass the levels in Wordscapes, you have to follow some strategies. First, try to solve bonus words and make plural words because the letter S is commonly used in crosswords. Second, make long words and try abbreviations because, in this game, these abbreviations are also considered as a word.