Characteristics of Bulldogs- All You Need to Know

Bulldog is one of the most famous pet dogs on the planet. It is the favorite dog of Americans as well as British people. That’s why the American breed of a bulldog is the most famous one among other breeds. Many of the famous personalities all around the world have bulldogs. Bulldogs are very heavy despite their small size. Their weight is about 40 to 50 pounds which is much heavier for such a small creature. The height of a bulldog is about 12 to 15 inches. They usually live up to 12 years. Bulldogs are lazy creatures; they love to rest and sleep. It’s a difficult job to keep a bulldog exercising for a large period. The lack of exercise can make a bulldog surprisingly heavy. You can hardly say that a bulldog is beautiful. They have wrinkles on their face. They have big black colored eyes. Bulldogs are purely bred dogs. You can find them in rescue centers. They love to live with a family. They love each member of the family. But kids are their favorite one among the whole family. Some of the loving characteristics of bulldogs are:

Bulldogs Are Friendly

Bulldogs are extremely friendly in their behavior. You can say bulldog is a family dog. Their love for kids makes them a highly demanded dog by families. They love to play with the kids in the backyard of your house. But something you need to know is that; don’t make a bulldog run for a long time. They don’t like exercise. They like to eat, sleep and rest. Be careful when you have a bulldog at home. They can sleep on your carpet, sofa, or even on your bed. You can also purchase gifts for French bulldog lovers if you have such a bulldog lover in your family because bulldogs love gifts. You have to take care of them like a family.

Bulldogs Are Food Lovers

Bulldogs don’t love anything else as much they love eating. If you want to take your bulldog somewhere and it is not interesting, just pick up its food bowl and start walking. You will see your bulldog following you quietly. What you’ve done there? The bulldog is not following you. But it is following the food you have. Bulldogs always eat desirously. Their fast eating habit is very dangerous. It can cause stomach problems in the bulldogs. This stomach problem leads to vomiting and other health problems in them. So if you have a bulldog at home. Be careful about its food.

Bulldogs Don’t Bark Much

Bulldogs Don’t Bark Much

Bulldogs don’t like to bark much. But you will find it surprising that despite their less barking characteristic they are one of the noisiest pets on the planet. There are many reasons behind this. The bulldogs have some endearing qualities such as snoring and farting. Moreover grunting and wheezing make them the noisiest pet. There is a big question that why it happens and how it can be reduced? The answer is quite simple. As mentioned above bulldogs love to eat. The fast eating habit of the bulldog is responsible for their farting. It can be reduced with the help of a healthy diet. Moreover, the reason behind grunting and wheezing is the lack of exercise. It can be controlled if you make your bulldog exercise regularly.

Bulldogs Are Intelligent And Trainable

gifts for English Bulldog lovers  Another characteristic of the bulldog that will make you fall in love with this breed is its intelligence. Bulldogs are the family dogs. Some of the bulldogs are stubborn but a good trainer can handle that problem. But most of the bulldogs are obedient and self-sufficient. They do obey the orders and they learn the rules of a house very quickly. A bulldog is a type of dog that can be left alone without anyone to look after it. Their intelligence helps them to solve problems.