Choose The Plant Based Protein Over Whey: Here is Why?


To get an affordable whey protein price with quality has been an issue among gym enthusiasts for long times. With the increase of bodybuilding craze, whey brands are mushrooming. Now you can get a good quality supplement with the right price only if you have knowledge about it as there are many brands your chances to get fooled is increased. Your health can be compromised sometimes. So, trusting any brand is a tricky thing. Whenever you tell or listen to protein what comes in your mind first. For many of us, it is only a supplement that can only be used by some serious bodybuilders. Whey protein is a gym anthem, without it there is no day for many fitness enthusiasts. Whenever you tell them about protein powder, they will only tell you about the benefits of whey protein. It is just embedded on their system now. No doubt there are a wide range of benefits of the whey but the plant based protein is getting its pace in its popularity nowadays because of its benefits over whey.

Why Whey protein

Do you only purchase whey protein just seeing the  whey protein price or you notice the ingredients, health benefits, and how it suits you. There are many factors you must consider before buying the whey. Actually whey is nothing but a protein found in the milk. And we know the wide range of benefits of milk already. Now the question arises if we can get the whey from the milk then why we extract it from milk. The answer is simple. Milk is very heavy and a good source of various nutrients. If your body needs protein, it will provide you other nutrients as well whether you need them or not. Sometimes you need protein for various reasons including muscle building but other nutrients may not be very helpful. So, extracting it from milk is the best option to provide your body with the finest quality protein which is whey.

What is Whey?

Milk is made of two proteins including whey protein and casein. Both have the same nutritional values as milk is but whey is fast absorbing and casein is slow absorbing. Whey is separated from milk or casein while making cheese. In this process whey gets all the nine essential amino acids and low lactose level. Bodybuilders use it in muscle recovery and stronger bones and bigger muscles.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Whey is one of the best proteins available in the market and number one choice among the various fitness enthusiasts because of its wide range of health benefits like:

  • Lowering the bad cholesterol
  • Supports the good cholesterol.
  • A mixture of immunoglobulins, bovine, lactalbumin, and others.
  • Aids in weight loss
  • May improve asthma
  • Good to fight against free radical releases
  • Better muscle recovery

Along with these health benefits you may face various side effects including:

  • Stomach cramps, pains
  • Appetite reduction
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

All these side effects may contain dehydration, bloating, lactose issues,  and many more. So, to avoid these consequences, people are switching to plant based protein. As these are made from plants, there possibilities are less to have these side effects.

Why People are Moving to Plant Based Protein

Nodoubt, there are many wonderful effects of animal based protein to our health that plant based protein covers less. Like animal based protein is a very good source of vitamin D, DHA, vitamin B 12, zinc, and many more that is hard to get from the plant based protein. Yet people are moving toward plant based protein because it is not high in calories which is the cause of obesity, a great source of various health issues. Animal protein sources have high risk in heart issues, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and many more. Many people are not much into intense workout so they don’t need high protein intake. That is another reason why people are moving to plant based protein.

Best Plant Based protein

Though here are lots of plant based supplements , we will only talk about natural source plant protein.

  • Sprouts
  • Chia seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Hemp seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Oats

So, next time don’t only watch the whey protein price but also whether protein supplement suits you or not. If not, it is the best time to switch plant based protein.

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