Choosing the colour of cladding for your home – what to consider


Cladding your home can be a good option, if you want to freshen up its appearance. Cladding can also provide protection against severe weather such as strong winds or hail storms and it can provide an additional layer of insulation for your property. If you decide to use cladding on the exterior of your home, you need to make a decision about what type of cladding you should use and what colour it should be.

There are many different exterior wall cladding ideas to consider, including whether vinyl, timber or UPVC cladding is the best option. One of the most important decisions you need to make is which colour scheme to adopt.

Think about the rest of the houses in the neighbourhood

You may like the idea of your property standing out on the street, but is that really a good idea? If you choose a completely off the wall colour scheme, you may just find yourself falling out with the neighbours. You may also find that you are contravening local regulations. It’s always best to check if there are any restrictions in place before you make any changes to the exterior colour of your property.

Which colour is best suited to the material you are using?

UPVC cladding is often available in several different colours. You can ask to see a 3D rendering of the cladding before you buy, so that you can discover the best shade for your home. Timber cladding is also available in different colours, but many people consider natural timber shades to be the best choice as they choose the cladding to fit with other features of the property and wooden structures such as outhouses and fences.

Are you intending to sell your home at some point?

If you are going to sell your home at some point in the future, you are always best choosing a neutral shade for exterior cladding. Doing so means that you are more likely to appeal to a wider group of people, making your home easier to sell. It’s also worth remembering that neutral shades, and many darker shades tend to hide dirt better. This is important as grime and dirt can easily build up on cladding, especially in bad weather. Even if you wash the cladding regularly, you still want to disguise dirt as effectively as possible in-between washes.

Exterior cladding is a good investment for your home. It can help to keep the exterior walls of the property in good condition and reduce energy bills due to its insulating properties. When you are choosing the colour of cladding, you need to take into account all of the elements we have discussed. Having all of these points in mind, you need to decide on a shade that you like and that you think will help make your home an attractive place to live in and to visit.


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