Crucial Home Gym Equipment For Bigger Biceps


When working out your biceps at home, you could go with a simple set of weights but this doesn’t guarantee the same progress that you would probably make with all that fancy equipment.

If you really want to see some improvements in strength and form but don’t have time to get to the gym, you’ll want to invest in some quality home gym equipment.


There are plenty of options for home gym equipment when it comes to building bigger biceps and here below, are just a few.

EZ Curl Bar

The first piece of crucial home gym equipment you’ll need is an EZ curl bar. Some people like to work out with standard barbells but EZ curl bars can really isolate your biceps as well as protecting your wrists from painful twisting during bicep curls.

Made specifically for the motion of a bicep curl, this bar can help you to build bigger biceps by isolating the muscle group you want to work on. You can also use them for a range of other exercises that you would usually do with your standard barbell, including skull crushers, to target your whole upper body.

If you already have a set of Olympic weights or other compatible weight plates, you can change your weights quickly and easily with these professional quality bars and they can take on a pretty impressive weight range for anyone who’s already built up some bicep muscles.

What’s more, many EZ curl bars feature comfortable knurling so you won’t feel any painful callouses forming from serious weightlifting. I know that having any kind of discomfort in my workouts can really reduce how effective they are, which is why I value equipment which takes comfort seriously.

EZ Curl Bar

Weight Bench

Another crucial piece of equipment, which you can use with your EZ curl bar, is a good weight bench. Although you can perform some lifts and presses on the floor, you aren’t able to get a full range of motion which means each exercise is less effective for building biceps. This is why a weight bench is essential for bicep and chest exercises like chest presses and dumbbell pullovers.

Having a weight bench is also a lot more comfortable and safer for your back than performing these kinds of exercises on the floor. Many weight benches also come with incline and decline options so you can make your exercises easier or more challenging depending on your level.

You might think that a weight bench isn’t ideal for bicep focussed exercises but building general upper body strength is essential for correct form when working on your biceps. What’s more, weight benches come with a range of extensions for core and lower body exercises.

Lat Pull Down

Although designed to isolate your lats, this professional piece of equipment is also great for working on your biceps as you can train the two muscles together increasing overall upper body strength. Remember that these two muscles work together during bicep curls so it is important to build muscle on the eccentric and concentric to improve form and build strength.

A lat pull down might look like a pretty heft piece of equipment in the gym but there are plenty of options for your home gym which come in much more compact setups. Depending on how much room you have in your home gym, you can go for a simple pulley system or a heavy-duty machine which allows you to broaden your workouts.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is a great way to exercise your upper body, including your back muscles, which will help you to lift heavier weights and build your biceps up. You also get a greater range of movement with this machine than with bicep curls and other bicep isolation exercises.

Rowing machines can be an expensive bit of kit but this guide from Start Rowing can help you find a great deal on a used Concept2 (arguably the best rowers around).

Rowing is a great way to exercise your upper body, including your back muscles, which will help you to lift heavier weights and build your biceps up. You also get a greater range of movement with this machine than with bicep curls and other bicep isolation exercises.

Machine Bicep Curl

Probably one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment for bicep training, and something which you can easily add to your home gym, is the machine bicep curl. Instead of using free weights to practice bicep curls, this machine can help you to target your biceps safely and use heavier weights in a more comfortable position.

If you are really trying to push your weight range, this machine ensures that your back isn’t taking on too much pressure and keeps your workout firmly bicep focussed. This is a pretty hardcore piece of equipment for a home gym so if you are really serious about building those biceps, this machine will make a big difference in your training.

Another great thing about this machine is that you can work out your biceps in a comfortable seated position which is always more enjoyable. When I’m having a heavy home gym session, any excuse to sit down is a plus.


You might think that only serious gym-goers can achieve those killer biceps, but with these crucial pieces of equipment, you can make some big progress on your biceps from the comfort of your own home.

This essential equipment is designed for complete upper body workout as well as isolated biceps exercises which combined provide the best results.

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