Experiencing Workplace Burnout? Try These Stress-Reducing Exercises


Do you wake up each day dreading that you might have to work again? Do you feel overwhelmed even when you’re at home, so much that it interferes with your ability to carry out everyday tasks? If this sounds close to home, you might be experiencing high levels of stress and burnout. Work is an undeniably important part of our lives, and a little bit of pressure is acceptable. However, if you feel stressed around the clock and start dreading your job, you might have an issue. 

Unfortunately, workplace burnout is much more common than we think. Burnout can occur due to various reasons. You might feel a lack of control or direction at work, or you may feel increasingly overburdened. When left unchecked, burnout can lead to reduced capabilities and a high amount of stress. However, there are ways to combat burnout. 

Firstly, Seek professional help 

Before you jump onto any stress-busting exercise regime, approach a mental health expert to determine your condition. Workplace stress is much more complicated than just feeling fed up with your job and wanting change. Various reasons contribute to making you feel low and anxious, and these reasons can extend beyond your professional life. Without getting to the root of your issues, it can be challenging to combat workplace stress. Furthermore, although there are various techniques you can implement to overcome workplace stress, you need proper guidance first. 

Working with a professional is the only way to unearth your underlying issues and work towards a long-term solution. Consulting with a highly qualified nurse is the best way to address and eliminate workplace stress. Nurses in leadership positions possessing an online DNP are fully equipped to handle the physical and psychological manifestations of stress. A professional with a DNP in nursing education online can address the various factors contributing to workplace stress. It explains why this profession is dominating the future of healthcare. 

Now, we’ll discuss some of the best exercises to deal with workplace burnout. 

Tai Chi 

Chinese martial arts are renowned for having immense benefits for the body and mind. These techniques focus on strengthening the mind-body connection and helping us have increased control over our body and mind. Often labeled “meditation in motion,” tai chi is all about combining fluid, flowing movements with consistent deep breathing. Tai chi is an all-inclusive exercise perfect for everyone. Besides, during this workout, you don’t need to exert yourself much. 

Furthermore, tai chi integrates mindfulness principles, forcing you to focus on the flowing movements and your breath. Which is a tremendous factor in helping you ground yourself in the present and combat stress. With time, continued tai chi can help you see a significant reduction in stress and anxiety. Additionally, tai chi can also help you improve workplace performance with time. Strengthening the mind-body connection requires a lot of focus. Gradually, you will boost your cognitive capabilities and become better at complex tasks. Tai chi is the ultimate practice to promote self-healing and deal with all kinds of stress

Outdoor activities 

If you’re experiencing a heavier workload or a more stressful situation at work, sometimes all you need is a chance to escape. While you can’t head on vacation every week, you can get some distance to clear your head. Outdoor activities are some of the best ways to deal with workplace stress. Whether you choose biking, hiking, swimming, running, or skiing, these activities push you away from a toxic environment. As you reconnect with nature, you have a better opportunity to release stress. 

Furthermore, outdoor activities can be pretty challenging and allow you to work up some sweat and strengthen your body. All these outdoor activities equate to an intense cardio session. They can help you build endurance, work on your muscles, and improve your heart. Heading to a nearby park or a remote location in the city is all you need to start any of these activities. 

Team sports 

One of the most significant factors contributing to heightened stress can be that your work might be taking over your life. You might be putting in longer hours than usual and bringing work home with you more often, and neglecting other areas of your life. Sports and exercise can be some of the best ways to combat stress. However, an incredibly effective stress reliever is reconnecting with your loved ones. Team sports combine these two factors and allow you to burn away your workplace stress. 

Team sports such as basketball, football, badminton, soccer, and tennis are just a few options to pursue to deal with workplace stress. These sports let you release tension and vital endorphins, which are essential to keeping depression away. Furthermore, team sports allow you to reconnect with friends and family and develop a robust and supportive bond. This bond can be vital in eliminating workplace stress, as you can address your concerns instead of letting them fester. 


Everyone faces a point in their lives where they feel too overwhelmed with their job and start questioning the direction of their lives. However, while some reexamination can give you greater clarity, most of the time, all we need is some stress relief. 

While it’s essential to head to a professional to address deep-seated concerns, indulging in regular exercise can help you clear your head. With time, these activities can help you lead a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. 

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