Damaged Windshield: To Repair or Replace?


Having to maintain your car to be in its top shape is oftentimes tedious, especially when you spot some minor damages. But there are instances wherein the damages you see are no longer just scratches, and requires more attention, such as cracks in your windshield. It is in these cases wherein you face the dilemma of having your windshield repaired or replaced.

Chips and Cracks

Two of the most notable minor windshield damages are chips and cracks. A chip is marked by a distinct point of impact such as a star break, with short cracks forming outward from the center, a bulls-eye, or a pit. A crack on the other hand is marked by a distinct line that can span anywhere from less than an inch up to the width of your entire windshield.

In order to determine whether the chips and cracks in your windshield are repairable, consider some of the factors below.


Some repair companies have the ability to repair even large chips and cracks. There are even service solutions that offer a mobile windscreen repair, wherein they boast of a same day repair or even windshield replacement if needed, with just a booking made through the phone. Thus, you no longer have to wait for days or even weeks, in order to have the damages in your windshield repaired. Nevertheless, chips smaller than a quarter, as well as cracks spanning less than three inches are generally easily repaired.


The windshield is composed of an outer layer of glass, an inner layer of plastic, and another inner layer of glass. More often than not, if the damage already cut through from the outer layer to the inner layer of the glass, repairs are no longer possible. This will entail the need for a windshield replacement.


The part where your windshield is damaged also determines whether a repair is still possible. If the crack already spans through the outer edge of the glass, then there is a great chance that you already need a replacement because its structural integrity is already compromised. In the same manner, if the damage is within the line of sight of the driver, a replacement is imperative because repairs may cause a distortion that may impair the driver’s view of the road.

Other factors

Apart from the size, depth and location, you may also want to check other factors that entail the need for a windshield replacement. These are if your windshield is made from tempered glass and not a laminated glass. Keep in mind that driving around with a crack or chip in your windshield poses a safety risk.

There are damages that can be repaired, while there are also those that already entails the need for a replacement, particularly with your car’s windshield. Nevertheless, it is a good practice to try and salvage your windshield by evaluating the appropriate repairs that may cover the damages before venturing out into a replacement. It is even a better practice to regularly have your car serviced for the necessary preventive measures to spot damages early on.

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