Do not buy from Seth Jared Hymes – Scam Warning, Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Course Review

There has been a lot going around of scammers selling fake online courses as more people want to learn while they are stuck at home. When the Covid pandemic started, many opportunities opened their doors for people who wanted to generate money while staying at home. Freelancing and working from home gains popularity. Employees appreciate how efficient the arrangement is, while employers appreciate how cost-effective it is.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in an increase of scammers preying on those taking courses by selling bogus online courses. And Seth Jared Hyme’s course is undeniably one of the most prominent nowadays.

Many people consider freelancing to keep up and earn despite the situation we have today. However, freelancing requires a set of specific skills, which can be self-taught or learned with the assistance of mentors or coaches. If you want to start freelancing but aren’t sure what skills you’ll need, you can take various online classes.

There are numerous job opportunities. All at the same, there is plenty of fake online course and coaches. Beware of those scammers who promise you the best courses but fail to deliver.

Scammers are constantly finding new ways to STEAL your money.

Read on, and let me share with you my whole experience with Seth Jared Hymes FAKE online course.
So you can protect yourself by being aware of this kind of coach. Not all online courses available on the internet are worth it.

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint – The FAKE Course

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Jared Hymes and Matt Tran is a fake course circulating nowadays in the online world. And I am one of his victims who believed in his words that are full of promises.

Tran is the founder of the Engineered Truth YouTube channel, while Hymes is a digital marketer and the creator of the mentioned online course. This constantly appears in my feed on YouTube.

If you will take a look and observe Matt Tran promotes Seth Jared’s digital marketing course on the Engineered Truth YouTube channel and offers great discounts to students, career changers, and freelancers looking to learn new skills or upskill.

Tran and Hymes are obviously business partners who are scammers who prey on people who want to earn a living and start their journey as a Freelancer like me. Or someone who wants to expand their knowledge in a digital marketing career.

Matt Tran has been seen promoting scams like Dan Lok’s program. Dan Lok is a liar, a scammer, and everything else you can connect with FRAUD. His stories and lying make one person wonder if he has ever told the truth.

If you’re considering enrolling in the online course from Seth Jared or Matt Tran, keep reading to find out how bad these two scammers are and how they’ve taken money from people, especially young people and newbies with no experience like me.

The course outline claims to teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing, how to gain experience, how to apply for jobs, and where to find resources to help you land your first job in digital marketing.

Seth Jared is a “Fake Guru.” When it comes to his students, he is not the hands-on type. He doesn’t even provide input on his students’ work or résumés. As a result, many students are disappointed with their teaching. The goal appears convincing, but in reality, I did not receive a fair return of services in this course.

Seth Jared’s course is a simplified form of Isaac Rudansky’s Ultimate Google Ads. I took classes or courses that were already out of date.

If you are one of his students and want to apply for a job that requires a specific skill, how confident are you that what you learned from Seth Jared Hymes’ online course is competent enough for you to stand out from others if you took an outdated course?

Live Webinar

Live Webinar

The presentations of live webinars appear to be live to trick you into thinking there is a great deal of responsibility and keep you on the site.

When, in fact, it is pre-recorded and used to fool you into buying and being scammed.

If you think this is shocking, imagine that Matt Tran has been using subjective webinars to scam people for YEARS, and this isn’t his first time.

You can watch an old webinar he did with Dan Lok and the scam he promoted by clicking here:

The sales and psychology approach is the same as Seth demonstrated in his webinar. They are duping people into purchasing by using a bogus webinar. These are fake seminars that mislead attendees into thinking they are receiving “free training” when, in fact, they are receiving a two-hour sales presentation.

True Nature of Seth Jared’s Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Course!

If you think this is not good, consider that Seth isn’t even in charge of the show. Due to poor brand management, the primary individual running the program is in the background; he does not show his face in the business or speak about the company.

Matt Tran, on the other hand, stands to benefit from this.

Matt Tran and Seth Jared have been promoting this curriculum for years. They have repeatedly duped people/enrollees by offering training for Amazon FBA, Facebook Advertising, and other platforms (both by Kevin David).

People are scammed and misled into enrolling in costly software engineering courses and studies through Techlead.

Matt earns $20,000 per month from marketing scams like Seth Hymes’ Blueprint Digital Marketing Course. Through the content videos, he directs users to his revenue-generating videos.

For example, the “money video” was student feedback that explained how the student got a job in digital marketing despite not having a degree. In addition, he earns about $3k per month from YouTube advertising. He intends to post seven videos that will direct viewers to his money-making videos. Then, on the eighth video, or roughly every two months, he will post a promotional video for the course.

People are scammed and misled into enrolling in costly software engineering courses and studies through Techlead.

Positive Reviews – Through Affiliate Marketing

Positive Reviews - Through Affiliate Marketing

Seth and Matt’s Trans marketing appeared in my feed as I was looking for an online course. I went looking for it. I thought they were credible training because they had so many positive reviews.

What you’re about to read will demonstrate how far they’re willing to go to deceive others.

I was unaware of Seth’s course because you can’t trust anyone who claims to have taken it. Because they are all almost certainly scams.

If you didn’t know, Seth’s course is available through the website Clickbank. Clickbank is a website where you can sell other people’s products using affiliate marketing.

For example, if someone purchases Seth’s course via your affiliate link, you will profit.

Why do you believe his course has received so many positive reviews? Everything is because of the profit that will gain in giving a positive review. And that’s how affiliate marketing works.

An article from Freedom Bound Business can be found here. Isn’t it an excellent piece? Wrong. They make money by selling you a make-believe dream.

If you didn’t already know, Seth’s course is available through the website Clickbank. Clickbank is a website where you can sell other people’s products using affiliate marketing.

For example, if someone purchases Seth’s course via your affiliate link, you will profit.

When you click the link, you’ll discover that the?r done=1 is a tracker, as you can see right up there. It is a tracking code that enables customers to earn a commission when they buy certain links.

That is precisely how Seth Jared dupes you into purchasing; he most likely pushes fake reviews that are not FTC compliant and bribes people to write great things about him.

FTC rules and regulations

According to, the sales methods of Seth Jared Hymes and Matt Trans are a clear definition of a scam.

Seth Jared also knows how to persuade his affiliates (people who promote his products). Among the examples are changed reviews from his colleagues.

They violate FTC rules. These people have affiliate links that allow them to earn money by promoting Seth’s course, which is known as affiliate marketing.

As repulsive as these bogus assessments are, they don’t even disclose that they make money if you buy through their link, which is illegal in the US.

The Federal Trade Commission requires you to disclose affiliate links and how you make money from them.

Which products are the most likely to be promoted and lied about by Clickbank affiliates? Yes, it’s Seth Jared’s show.

Examine the reviews for yourself; the majority of them are paid to say nice things about him.

When you think about it, it’s horrifying. The problems do not end there because this is where they got to worsen.

Matt Tran – A designer of  SCAM courses.

As I previously talked about, Matt Tran, Seth’s business partner, is the person behind this online course. I’d like to show you how he’s been peddling make money online and job courses to needy individuals for years

In this section, I’ll show you, with complete documentation and re-uploaded videos, how he’s been scamming teenagers and others looking to make a decent living out of thousands of dollars by using online courses like Seth Jared’s.

These courses all use the same strategy, including phony endorsements from affiliates, doxxing, and false copyright claims, to eliminate any negative reviews and charge hundreds of dollars for knowledge found for free on YouTube.

Doxxing and Negative Reviews

Seth’s course is receiving a lot of positive feedback. What’s the deal with this? It’s because Matt Tran, the program’s co-owner, has threatened to dox and reveal private information about others if there is a negative review.



You can find dozens of negative comments on YouTube if you search for ‘Matt Tran doxxing.’


Tran pays attention to his criticism. Critics of his channel or the Digital Marketing Blueprint Course have already been doxxed. If you have a YouTube channel and comment negatively about Engineered Truth, Tran will report or flag you for copyright violations.

Tren Black is one of Tran’s victims, whom he blackmailed due to Tren Black’s degrading comments on his YouTube channel. Tran allegedly threatened to pursue other professional opportunities if they did not receive a favorable response. A copyright strike is detrimental to a YouTube channel because it can result in account suspension or cancellation.

Tran could be a friend or a foe. If you happen to stumble across his YouTube channel, be careful not to express criticism that isn’t appropriate for his tastes, or you’ll face the same fate as Black and other career channels as a result of Tran’s rage.

Tran was suspected of being involved in the Bitconnect bitcoin investment scam. Tran uses his YouTube influence to persuade people to use his referral code to invest. In the end, investors lose money, whereas Tran profits. Of course, it has since been removed. It’s good that all cryptocurrency enthusiasts can keep track of cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes and the people who promote them on YouTube. It is also available on Reddit.

Tran employs his influence to persuade his audience to attend Seth Jared’s lecture. Tran is compensated as a business partner for each student who enrolls through his YouTube channel because profits are split. As a result, he threatens to reveal private information to anyone who is dissatisfied with the training.

Matt Tran has been working to promote a get-rich-quick scam to impress young adults and those unfamiliar with how to start a freelancing journey.

Because everyone knows Matt Tran is a liar, he’s now using Seth Jared as the course’s face to scam

more people.

They have collaborated on several videos to advertise the course. On the other hand, Matt Tran deleted all of their footage as soon as they were detected.

Fortunately, I re-uploaded them for your viewer’s reference, and I’ve included screenshots of them promoting the course below

Matt Tran has supported the following scams:

Matt Tran

Matt Tran has supported the following scams

Matt Tran promotes fake programs such as Dan Lok HTC.

As you can see, Dan Lok is a top online scammer who has defrauded people out of $20,000 and more.

People can conduct their research by searching YouTube for ‘Dan Lok Scam.’ Because they were former business partners, Dan Lok eventually conned several of Matt’s students.

Do you believe that is a bad idea? Let’s take a look at the various schemes he is currently promoting.

Kevin David

Kevin David

Matt is also a fan of Kevin David’s Amazon course. In a phony webinar, he claims, “All you had to do was watch this webinar.” However, by the end, it would be nothing more than a sales pitch for something expensive. It’s even worse when you reflect on that session and realize you learned nothing from it.

As you can see, Dan Lok is a top online scammer who has scammed people out of $20,000 and more.

Individuals can conduct their research by searching YouTube for ‘Dan Lok Scam.’ Because they were former business partners, Dan Lok eventually scammed several of Matt’s students.

Do you believe that is a bad idea? Let’s take a look at the various schemes he is currently promoting.

Kevin David makes claims such as, “I’ll show you how to make thousands of dollars in only a few days.” In actuality, this is not the case.

He gives desperate people false hopes and fantasies. There are still some ludicrous (and illegal) claims in his sales videos about making a lot of money in a short amount of time. The same old tactics of informing individuals how much money they can afford to spend on a car.

Finally, the FTC intervened, and they determined that Kevin’s misrepresentations during the course constituted a fraudulent act.

Here’s a link that demonstrates how big of a con Kevin David is, as well as a video of Matt Tran promoting his course.

To delete negative review videos, Kevin David adopts the same copyright infringement approach as Matt Tran.

Here’s proof that Seth Jared, Matt Tran, and Kevin David take other people’s stuff and re-upload it to their courses.


Matt Tran also supported the most giant cryptocurrency scam. Bitconnect initially appeared to be a “loan platform.”

It is also the same for promoting Bitconnect and investing in it to get wealthy rapidly. Matt obtains a portion of the revenue while his viewers participate.

Dan Lok, Seth Jared, Kevin David, and Matt Tran all employ the same sales strategy that Matt has been doing with Seth.

A  live ‘Free Webinar’ is a sales presentation designed to dupe you into purchasing.

Making you pay thousands of dollars for information that is freely available on the internet (after you buy the course)

There is no guarantee that you will receive a refund or return your money.

No guarantees

Seth Jared and Matt Tran, according to unhappy students, Seth’s course are only concerned with their money. They do not keep their promises made at the start of the course regarding job assistance.

The money-back-guarantee is fake as well.

The Digital Marketing Blueprint promises to provide students with an in-depth understanding of digital marketing from the start. This, however, never occurs. In addition, the Digital Marketing Blueprint includes free YouTube video courses that non-enrollees can view.

So what’s the point of paying when this can be acquired for free?

Help is not available, especially when students have questions or require advice from Seth Jared. He never responds to emails or offers advice on how to improve his resumé or skills.

Furthermore, because the webinars are pre-recorded, you will not be able to question Seth Jared or his staff directly.

They do not provide job assistance. As a result, students are left hanging after training.

It has also been established that student testimonials are fabricated and exaggerated. Positive ratings are given to entice new enrollees, and they are eventually compensated for their efforts.

Students who merely want to learn new skills or improve their abilities but end up being duped suffer as a result of these lies. It happened at the height of the pandemic when people needed stable employment at home.

A Plea

Please be cautious. Seth Jared Hymes- Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is not for you. If you know someone who is about to register, please tell them to hold off and do some research first. They bring nothing to the table that free online content does not already.

You can learn the same strategies and techniques by yourself by watching high-quality videos, reading rich content, and listening to good audios that are freely available online, and there is legitimate mentorship and courses that can assist you. You do not need Seth’s course.

Those who argue that Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is a premium course are only in it for the money, not to provide you with assistance and skills. Be mindful of this.

If you want assistance, you can enroll in courses to help you build a “successful career in digital marketing.” Be wise in your search, investigation, and selection of courses

In my search for free resources and online courses, I found this website that teaches you how to start an online business that earns you $100,00 per month within 22 days by working just 45 minutes a week. Then you should consider this free training, which is a great alternative to Seth’s watered-down course. Click HERE to achieve complete financial freedom.