Do Washable Air Filters Work?


Among several types of air filters, washable ones stand out. They are reusable electrostatic filters and offer more than disposable options. Particles like dust, mildew, pollen, mold, and other stuff are trapped by air filters. This hasn’t ended the debate or question about whether washable air filters work. Do they actually work? The simple answer is yes. With the following information, it’s easy to see why.

The Idea Behind Washable Air Filters

The simple build of washable air filters will save you some money. This is because you only have to rinse it and put it back into your furnace. While going to the store for a disposable option doesn’t sound as appealing, washable filters have a plastic-like material with a longer life span. Other options are simply not as long-lasting and will cost you more.

The materials are environmentally-friendly and often consist of recyclable items. Then there’s the opinion that they are much better than disposable filters. They offer valid help to homeowners who want a long-term solution to dust and dirt. This makes the washable option the best bet for a better atmosphere.

Cleaning the Air Filter: Does Washing Help?

One thing that’s common with these air filters is that they’re washable, unlike disposable ones that you can’t wash to remove debris. Whatever you use your washable filter for, it’s bound to attract undesirable elements. Washing does help, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely free of dirt.

You’ll have to deal with materials and particles, including those that pass the first layer. It’s not totally easy to clean. A quick vacuum and rinse aren’t all there is. You’ll have to disassemble each layer and clean them separately. More so, you’ll want to take all the care so that you don’t damage your filter.

How Washable and Disposable Filters Compare

Washable filters may be easy to clean, but they still need the furnace room. This is because stubborn debris and particles need to be removed through a thorough process. A disposable filter can face the same process, but you’re better off trashing it, after which you can have new disposable filters installed.

If you’re bothered with large dirt particles, washable air filters are a better fit as disposable filters are often used for the much smaller dirt elements. Both offer excellent protection but do not filter out everything you can think of. Things like smoke, bacteria, and viruses might still remain. This is particularly the case when you don’t maintain or clean them properly.

As for costs, disposable filters might appear the better choice. However, washable ones, even at higher prices, work for the long term.

When Is It Appropriate to Clean Washable Air Filters?

The quickest method to help you decide whether your washable filter is due for cleaning is to hold it up to a bright source of light. If you observe light filtering through, it indicates that your filter is still fit for use. Otherwise, it’s time to get it cleaned up.

Why Washable Filters Make Great Choices

1. Better air quality: This is the main reason why you need a washable air filter. Being indoors feels so clean, but most times, the atmosphere carries lots of dirt. This leaves you exposed to whatever the air throws at you. Using a washable air filter will trap airborne contaminants, including spores and bacteria.

2. Washable and reusable: By far, the biggest perk most homeowners enjoy. Of course, you’ll have to pay more but think of the obvious long-term benefits. Having several days in between washes also means you won’t stress as much. For instance, you can wash your filter after 60 days or longer. It all depends on the state of your home and the air quality you’re after.

3. Washable filters are easy to clean: Simply take it out from the casings and proceed to clean. You’ll need water, filter cleaner, or a sprayer to clean it. Be careful though, you don’t want to damage the filter material. It will require replacing if you do. When dry, reinstall, and enjoy. Unlike disposables, you don’t need to trash them.

Lastly, it’s always nice to follow the guidelines when acquiring air purifiers that use permanent or washable filters. This way, you’ll have a great deal of time simply enjoying your product.

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