Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Essay Questions On A College Exam

The essay question refers to an examination question that requires an answer in the form of a sentence, paragraph, or short composition by the writer.  Almost every examination includes an essay portion. We all have encountered it at some point, even as early as grade school, and still one of the crucial parts of every college examinations like the nurses’ TEAS examination.  While the length of the answer and its complexity may vary as per the exams, the basic skills required are more or less the same. A student must be able to provide a valid point of view supported by some arguments or reflexions. Although writing a good answer on essays can be tough and stressful during the exam, preparation is the key to success. Students must, therefore, be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of essay questions to get better academic results.

Do’s of writing essay questions

1. Read some essays beforehand

When you are getting ready for the exam, it is a great idea to read several college essay examples to familiarize yourself with numerous topics and ideas out there. By going through several study materials to work on their preparations, one can develop their knowledge base and perform better in their academic pursuit.

Moreover, essay examples show you the possible structure of your answer during the exam as well as arguments and counterarguments to showcase your perspective. Thus, reading some examples the day before the exam will help students put their thoughts into order and provide ideas for writing on their exam topic.

2. Ensure you understand the question

Students need to read the query thoroughly and carefully to understand the question’s depth. Understanding the question first helps you prepare your answer better while staying relevant to the subject.

3. Plan your answers

Planning is crucial for better results. Before writing immediately, you need to plan your answer by preparing a rough outline. Doing so helps you keep your answer organized and provides a solid outline for you to follow through. For effective answer writing, optimum time management should be emphasized as well.

4. Write your answers with proper structure

Your essay may require a specific structure that you must follow to the T. Ensure your content is free of grammatical errors and punctuations. The words must also be to the point and must not divert from the topic. Using relevant facts and figures can be a plus point while answering essay questions.

Don’ts of writing essay questions

Don'ts of writing essay questions

1. Don’t use clichés

Cliches portray a lack of original thought. Writing an essay filled with clichéd ideas and too many idioms displays that you lack adequate research on the topic and your answer signifies nothing important.

2. Don’t forget to recheck

Most students write an essay and submit it to their teacher immediately. However, it is vital to recheck the written content to identify errors, anomalies and breaks. Submitting the paper after a complete revision and correction is a better idea.

3. Don’t take time for granted

Time is a crucial factor when writing a perfect paper in a given time frame. You have to include every planned idea but shouldn’t exceed the limit.

4. Don’t use slang

School and college students have a habit of using slang, and they might include the same in their writing accidentally. However, using slang words in essays can make the examiner question your integrity as a good writer and can cost you a good grade.

5. Don’t be vague

When you’re not prepared for the essay questions, you might write an essay in an indefinite manner to avoid the main subject to be discussed. However, it is crucial to present relevant facts, figures and examples to write a good essay. Make sure to put in the work before you present your paper for examination.

Writing a long essay inside an exam hall while sticking to the topic can create anxiety, especially in school students. Preparing for open-ended questions is different from the MCQs. However, students who have a habit of essay practice can stay calm and relaxed while presenting their papers. By following the tips mentioned above, scholars may present the best exam answers that support their overall GPA.