Easy & Effective Front Door Home Improvement Ideas


The front door is more than just an entranceway to your home. It is the first thing that most people see. That means it is your first chance to make a great impression and set the tone for your home.

Alongside this, the front door is also the first line of defense against unwanted visitors. It needs to be secure and allow you to see who is waiting at your door.

The good news is that there are plenty of options to improve your front door area.

Replace The Door

Perhaps the most obvious solution is to replace the door with a new one. However, if you decide to take this route you must choose high quality doors, such as the ones in the Parkwood doors range. This ensures you are getting durable and secure doors, which is what you deserve.

Naturally, you’ll need to choose from the extensive array available. That includes glass doors, PVC doors, metal ones, or even solid wood. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and you’ll need to choose the one that reflects your personality and needs.

There is no doubt they will transform the look of your home.

Add Glass

If you are happy with your existing door then you may want to consider how much light is currently being supplied by the door. If you have the room you can add glass panels to each side of the door. It allows more light into the house and creates a more impressive looking entranceway.

Of course, the glass needs to be toughened to ensure it is secure. You may even want to fit one-way glass or a heavy tint.

Paint It

Perhaps the simplest way to improve your front door, without replacing it, is to repaint it. You will need to verify that it can be painted, most PVC doors can’t be.

The good thing about painting a door is that you can choose any color you want and you can repaint it as frequently as you like. That makes this an attractive option.

Light It Up

A great way to improve the front door without actually spending anything is to change the lighting. This can be as simple as changing the bulb or as complex as replacing the light with something that goes more with your style.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to have a qualified electrician replace the light for you. After all, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the new ambiance you have created.

Add Fake Pillars

Another excellent way to transform the front door area is to extend it outward with a porch area and even fake pillars at each side. This will create an impressive look and ensure that everyone remembers your home for the right reason.

But, whatever modification you choose to do, make sure you look at it from the roadside before you commit or finish the project. This will tell you how effective and impressive your front door home improvement ideas really are.

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