End of Tenancy Tips for Landlords


Being a landlord is a great way to increase your income and live comfortably, but it isn’t without its challenges. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to make sure your properties meet the required health codes and safety regulations, that you have the correct insurance, and follow other legal obligations. That’s all before you have to handle your tenants, having to do background checks and hoping you get individuals that won’t cause you problems. You’re also responsible for making sure your properties are prepared for new tenants moving in, and here are some useful tips to use as a guide when you reach the end of a tenancy.

Manage Your Time

From the date your previous tenant moves out to the date your new one moves in; you must give yourself enough time to carry out the necessary tasks in-between. While you might be keen to get someone into the property, you need to make sure it’s clean and safe to avoid any grievances from your new tenant. Inspect your property before a tenant moves out to assess how much work will need to be done before a new one moves in, as this will help you to manage your time efficiently.


Your previous tenant should have left your property clean and tidy, but one person’s idea of clean isn’t always the same as others. Always hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to deep clean the property. These services will include oven cleanings, anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatments, which will make sure your property meets health codes and leave the property in good condition for your new tenants, keeping everybody happy.

Home Improvements

It’s always worth giving the property a lick of new paint to freshen it up. This doesn’t have to be an expensive job, but it will help to provide it with a new lease of life that your new tenants will appreciate. If further work needs to be done on the property, such as structural repair or extensions, make sure this work is completed before anyone else moves in. If you extend the property or make drastic improvements, you might also be able to charge more for rent and increase your income.

New Furniture

Most rented accommodation comes with furniture, and if you’re providing this as a landlord, it’s your responsibility to replace worn out or broken furnishings. If there has been damage due to a previous tenant, you can take the cost out of their security deposit; otherwise, you will need to fund this yourself. This is another good way to spruce up your property for the new tenants.

Test the Alarms

Smoke and gas detectors should be checked regularly throughout the year anyway, but make sure they’re working before any new tenants move in to ensure they’re safe. This is a legal obligation that you must follow as a landlord. Always let your tenants know when you’re coming to carry out these checks, too.

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being a landlord, including making sure your property is acceptable for new tenants. Use these tips above as a checklist to help you maintain your property and prepare it for its new residents.

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