Outdoor Signage Tips


If you are looking to enhance your visual brand in this day and age, then you need digital print signage. This form of advertisement and marketing helps you gain more visibility whether you use Ridged signs, Eyelettered banners or Window Vinyls. That being said, however, you need to do it in the right way and to ascertain that, we have listed a few essential tips.

Tips for Effective Outdoor Signage

Less is More

People only have seconds and sometimes milliseconds to look at and interpret your message. As such, it is imperative to make the message clear so that people don’t ignore it. The five-second rule really comes in handy in this aspect. If you can comprehend the message in just a few seconds, you have a winner. If that is not the case, you will only be wasting your marketing budget.

Have a Good Call to Action

Signs and billboards are the largest forms of advertisements, and we all know that once you catch a person’s attention, you need to act on something so that they can be curious and interested in what you have to offer. This is what is referred to as ‘Call to Action‘ or CTA. Basically, you are giving prospects a reason to be interested in your product or service. An ideal sign should have a simple message and direct to the goal.

Use Readable Typefaces

Fancy typefaces can often detract from the message and even clutter your design. Built up signs work perfectly. When it comes to signage, the human eye is adept at proper capitalization and block letters. So, go for easily readable typefaces and slightly bold or larger text to increase visibility or for emphasis.

Size is Important

In order to get the highest number of people or the largest reach, you’ll want to ensure you have a substantial sign. You can get a sign of any size nowadays, so take advantage.

Utilize Colors that Work

When it comes to signage design, color helps make your sign stand out. The contrast between the background and foreground is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when looking to create something readable. Go for bright and vibrant colors that complement each other, but also pay attention to the environment, if you want to get the most attention.

The Location

This is a vital factor to consider if you want effective outdoor signage. When it comes to street signs, ensure they are clear, precise and effective as they are viewed by people who are on the go. As for window signs, the fewer the words, the better. Use catchy words and strong emphasis to attract more people.

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