Enhance IT Operation Management Efficiency with ServiceNow ITOM


IT operations are an integral function of an organization. It involves an IT team maintaining an organization’s network infrastructure. It includes managing computing tasks such as data security, compliance, and troubleshooting.

An efficient IT operation management is critical to extract the overall business value of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Failure in maintaining the system will result in unwarranted IT system outages. Such outages have a deep impact on businesses. It is because, in today’s era, all operational aspects are dependent on information technology.

ServiceNow ITOM (Information Technology and Operations Management) adopts an integrated service-centric approach to bring visible enhancements in IT operation management efficiency. It is a one-step solution that monitors IT system health to prevent outages. ServiceNow ITOM conducts failure impact analysis provides cost-effective cloud solutions and automation opportunities.

This article will explore the importance of ServiceNow ITOM to boost IT operation management efficiency.

ServiceNow ITOM Solutions Features that Enhance IT Operation Management

ServiceNow IT operations management solutions are enabled with features that automate IT teams’ long-winding and time-taking tasks. It facilitates significant benefits for organizations. These benefits are IT operation efficiency, and IT cost optimization, service scalability, and many more.

Here’s a look at the features of ServiceNow ITOM:


The ServiceNow Discovery feature eliminates the need to enter data manually by IT service agents. Instead, this feature automatically populates the configuration management database (CMDB) with the data.

This feature allows deep-dive analysis of an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. Such an analysis helps ServiceNow ITOM solutions to identify all the devices and IT applications, correlate the applications, and record them into CMDB. All of it is done automatically. It saves time for IT service agents and eliminates the chances of manual errors in CMDB data.

Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management continuously scans all the IT activities conducted organization-wide. It enables the proactive identification of any anomaly. The feature alerts the IT service team to probe into the issue upon identifying the anomaly.

It is functional in eliminating the chances of a sudden IT system downtime and sustaining operational continuity.

This feature maintains a detailed record of incident impact analysis. It makes suggestions on how to improve IT and business operations.

Operational Intelligence

Machine learning principles power this feature. It makes it functional for system downtime prevention.

The ServiceNow operational intelligence feature flags any service anomalies in an IT infrastructure. It alerts the IT team to eradicate that anomaly to avert service failure.

It empowers the IT service teams to identify, resolve issues, and enhance service delivery quickly.


The ServiceNow orchestration feature creates workflows that automate multiple IT tasks. These tasks include monitoring and managing servers, applications, and hardware devices. It saves a lot of time for IT service agents.

Further, the orchestration feature automates other manual and critical functions such as software distribution and password resets. Such task automation saves a significant amount of time, brings process efficiency, minimizes operation costs, and boosts ROI in due process.

Service Mapping

The ServiceNow Service Mapping feature is an upgraded version of the discovery feature. This feature can build complicated maps of interrelated system configurations.

It makes an accurate failure impact analysis and reduces data errors significantly.

Cloud Management

This feature is functional if an organization accounts for cloud resources used daily. The ServiceNow cloud management allots, manages, and optimizes cloud usage.

Benefits of ServiceNow IT Operations Management Solutions

Efficient Prediction of IT System Issues

ServiceNow ITOM solutions gather and analyze data across the IT infrastructure, including cloud, on-premises applications, metrics, events, logs, and container-based systems.  

AIOps and machine learning principles drive data gathering and analysis. It allows performance tracking of an individual system amidst a mesh of interconnected IT components.

It helps in the early identification of system issues. The process helps to eliminate the chances of wasting time on false-positive system alerts.

Minimizing User Impact

Sudden system breakdowns are detrimental to users to conduct operations. ServiceNow ITOM solutions enable proactive system maintenance rather than reactive solutions. It helps to prevent system issues from occurring in the first place, thereby reducing user impact.

The solutions conduct a root cause analysis by correlating incidents to prevent reoccurrence of system issues and improve efficiency.

Organizations can leverage these root cause analysis insights to make recommendations across teams on averting system outage issues and ensuring seamless service delivery.

Workflow Automation

ServiceNow ITOM automates cross-team no-code/low-code workflows. These workflows cut through repetitive manual tasks. It provides pre-built playbooks that provide actionable IT system insights to employees.

These insights can be used as a shared knowledge base. During system breakdown, employees can refer to this knowledge to reduce system recovery time.  

System Visibility

The ServiceNow IT operations management solutions sync with centralized and decentralized departments.

It allows more visibility to SRE and DevOps teams into microservices. It enhances better system monitoring and improves responsiveness to incidents.

Data Foundation

ServiceNow ITOM solutions extend the CMDB functionality for a stronger data foundation.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Service ITOM solutions streamline hybrid cloud management. They do it by providing self-service access to cloud applications, enhancing data governance, compliance, and clear visibility on cloud expenses.


Organizations must join hands with the right kind of ServiceNow ITOM solutions partner. It is critical to reaping the right business value of ServiceNow solutions. Many certifications, solution implementation experience, syncing of partner’s approach with the business goal are some of the important parameters to consider before finalizing a partnership with ServiceNow ITOM solutions providers.

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