Epic Tacos Meet Exhilarating Beers at Badfins Food + Brew


If you’re on Clearwater Beach and searching for a fantastic place for a fun time on the beach over delicious tacos and some great brews, head over to Badfins Food + Brew. Located at Wyndham Grand Resort on Clearwater Beach which has recently been ranked as the ‘Best Beach in America’ and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Badfins Food + Brew is known to be one of the best restaurants on Clearwater Beach, FL.

Inspired by the vibrant fashion, art, and cultural scenario of St. Petersburg, Badfins Food + Brew is a great place to unwind with live music by the beach as you absorb the friendly atmosphere, enjoy scrumptious seafood and Mexican cuisine and wash it down with some of their finely crafted beers. Doesn’t matter if you are vegan- their talented chefs will gladly customize to your taste.

The private comfort patio and beer garden open up to spectacular views of the panoramic Clearwater Beach providing just the right ambiance for a pleasurable time over an extensive selection of food and drinks. Besides being a casual beach diner, Badfins Food + Brew also hosts private parties and events. It has outdoor seating with a swanky drinking area that features 34 taps and a social media wall. The ambiance has just the right vibes to relax your mind and body for a gala time.

Tacos and Craft Beer Affair

As with the rest of the menu, Badfins Food + Brew offers a creative variety of tacos. Here are our recommendations for beers- you can pair your tacos with these.

Shrimp Tacos and Mango Habanero Snowflake Beer

If you’re a shrimp fan you can take your pick from ‘Surf and Turf’ which comes with marinated shrimp, hot Chorizo served with charred-corn salsa, fresh Cilantro and Mexican Crema. You can also go for ‘Bangin’ Shrimp’ that treats you to red shrimp coated with fried crispy bread, spice sauce, and topped with almonds.

Pair them with the gold medal-winning ‘Mango Habanero Snowflake Beer’ that features mango and seedless red Savina habaneros with a hint of citrusy sweet-heat. A combo that guarantees to spice your time there!

Fish Tacos and Floridian Hefeweizen Wheat Beer

If you fancy fish, go for ‘Oh Snap’ that presents blackened red snapper with delightful pineapple pico, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime. Or dig into the crispy goodness of the red snapper in ‘Primo Fish’ with a dash of Chipotle-Lime Crema. If you prefer something hot and sweet there’s chili seared rare Yellowfin Tuna in ‘Sweet Tuna’ with flavorful Pineapple Salsa, wonton crisps, drizzled with smoked sea salt and caramel.

Enjoy it with the ever-popular Floridian Hefeweizen Wheat Beer with an interesting blend of banana, citrus, and cloves.

Chicken Tacos and Pulp Friction Beer

For die-hard Chicken lovers, there’s ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ with buttermilk fried chicken strips, drizzled with buttermilk ranch, and oozing Chipotle-Lime Crema. ‘Cluck It’ makes its mark with Yucatan-Style Pulled Chicken, fresh cilantro, and Chipotle-Lime Crema.

Try them with the award-winning Pulp Friction Beer that delightfully highlights strong citrus flavors with hints of caramel and pine

Pork Tacos and V Twin Vienna Lager

Go red with ‘Old School’ to savor braised short ribs with fresh Cilantro, and Chipotle-Lime Crema, or if you have a thing for pulled pork, choose ‘Oink Oink Baby’ or ‘Three Lil’ Pigs,’ both featuring Yucatan-Style Pulled Pork, the former served with fresh Cilantro, and Chipotle-Lime Crema, and the latter indulging you with a Braised Pork Belly, Chorizo, Smoked Tomato Aioli, and Crispy Onion Straws.

Chug it down with V Twin Vienna Lager- their flagship lager that has received many accolades. A beautiful copper-toned liquid with a lightly toasted aroma that leaves a creamy feel in the mouth!

Veg Tacos with Beach Blonde Beer

‘Veg Out’ is a lip-smacking treat for your vegetarian taste buds. A medley of crispy sweet potato hash, creamy Guac, Chipotle-Lime Crema, and Charred-Corn Salsa. Relish it with a refreshingly light Beach Blonde that comes with a malty sweetness and dash of citrus.

And that’s not all when it comes to the selection of brews. Badfins Foods + Brew will leave you spoilt for choices! Let’s see what they are:

More Cheers with More Beers

Bringing an impressive number of 32 local craft beers on tap, Badfins beats all the Bars in Clearwater Beach with its expansive range of domestic draft and local brews as well as rare limited release beers that are unique to the place and also an impressive collection of wine, and handmade cocktails. Partnering with local breweries for a tap takeover each month, they bring you four awesome beers every time.

From a bottle of good old Corona Extra to a more complex German fashioned ‘Bizarre Gardening Accident,’ the list of beers on the menu caters to every kind of thirst! If you drop by on the first Friday of the month, you get to be a part of the beer school. You also get $1 off on any featured beer all day every Friday! Pint Night happens every Wednesday when after 5 pm you get ½ off pints.

Music for the Soul

What’s good food and drinks without live music? From Tuesday to Sunday around 6 pm, the stage pulsates with live music as a selection of talented performers raise the entertainment meter several notches higher!

Final Thoughts

Badfins Food + Brew is not only about food and drinks. It is an entire experience that comes together in the form of breezy beach relaxation, light banter, great music and cheer, combined with impeccable customer service. As for their tacos, no matter what you choose, each juicy bite introduces you to fresh flavors and myriad textures. So, go have a taste of life at Badfins Food + Brew on Clearwater Beach this week!



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