Exploring the Legal Process: What to Expect When Filing a Personal Injury Claim


Many factors influence how long it takes to resolve a personal injury claim. It is impossible to provide a definitive answer because every case is unique.

The first step is to acquire all applicable data, such as medical bills, property damage invoices, and lost wage and expense estimates. Your attorney will then prepare a settlement demand letter for the insurance company.

Initial Consultation

Before any legal work is done, potential clients meet with attorneys during the initial consultation phase. This meeting is protected by attorney-client privilege and allows both parties to decide whether to form an attorney-client relationship.

During this stage, the lawyer interviews the injured client and discusses all of the relevant facts of the case. Injured victims need to be honest about their injuries and losses. If a victim fails to disclose a preexisting injury or health issue, it could impact their claim negatively.

The lawyer will also ask for all medical records and bills relating to the accident and injuries. This information will help the lawyer determine a fair value for the damages. This information will be used to negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Medical Evaluation

Before pursuing any claim, potential injury victims must obtain prompt medical attention to document their injuries. This is important for their health and for proving the severity of their injuries to receive compensation for their damages.

An expert physician examines a victim’s injuries during the medical evaluation phase. They may take photographs, ask about how their injuries have impacted daily activities, and other related questions to determine the extent of an individual’s injuries.

This information calculates the value of an injury victim’s economic damages, such as medical treatment, lost wages, and paying for assistance with daily tasks. It can also estimate noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering.


A personal injury claim is a legal lawsuit filed by an individual or group of individuals who claim to have suffered physical, mental, and financial harm as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another person. During this phase, you will file a complaint identifying your case’s legal and factual basis and requesting damages compensation.

The defendant(s) will file a response denying or admitting the allegations and including defenses they plan to use in court. This is followed by a discovery process in which both sides exchange information and evidence through standard legal tools such as Bill of Particulars, Requests for Admission, Interrogatories, and requests for documents.

During this time, you must continue to get medical treatment, collect and keep safe any evidence, including pictures of the accident scene, invoices for medical expenses and property damage, and document your pain and suffering. You can visit Jay Trucks & Associates for more information.


In the discovery phase, your lawyer will work with you to document the extent of your injuries and financial losses. They will also calculate the value of your claim. This includes your medical treatment, lost income, home modifications and extra help around the house, costs for physical therapy, and pain and suffering.

During the discovery process, your attorney will use legal tools such as written interrogatories, requests for the production of documents and records, requests for admissions, and depositions to gather evidence and information from both sides. This will include gathering all relevant documents and insurance policies in a typical personal injury case.

After the discovery process, your lawyer will send a demand letter detailing all losses to the at-fault party’s insurance company and begin negotiations for a settlement.


The trial phase of a personal injury case is where a judge or jury will decide whether the defendant was at fault and how much to award you for your losses. Your lawyer will work to value your claim by evaluating costs like medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, and assistance you need around the house.

At this point, you should provide all documentation related to your accident, including pictures of the scene, property damage photos, any medical records or receipts for treatments and medications, and copies of any documents you signed in the aftermath of the incident.

Your attorney will use various legal tools during discovery to gather evidence, including depositions where you and potential witnesses will give sworn statements under oath. The more information you can give your lawyer at this stage, the better their chances of getting you a fair settlement.

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